Monday, May 7, 2012

Meeting tea blogger friends in Asheville!

Last week was a particularly memorable birthday week, because I had the opportunity to meet three other tea bloggers (and two new "tea friends") for a few days in Asheville, N.C.!

On Tuesday, Afternoon Tea at Chelsea's was the inaugural meet-up for Linda from Kentucky (Friendship Tea), Phyllis from Michigan (The Relevant Tea Leaf), Lynn from North Carolina (Frivoli-tea) and me (from Georgia). Linda's friend Lynn and Phyllis' friend Sandy were also making the trip, and I was at ease with every single person immediately! I'd had the pleasure of meeting blogger Lynn before, and we've kept in touch in the years since, but I'd only spoken by phone with Linda and Phyllis. Still, after you've exchanged e-mails and blog comments with tea ladies for a few years, I've learned, you develop a pretty accurate picture of them. Going on the road to join tea friends was a new sort of experience for me, and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it! (Phyllis got the community shot of the group on her camera this day, so I'll have my own to share later.)

I'd skipped lunch and was pretty ravenous by the time of our 3:30 tea, fully intending to eat every bite of the delicious offerings. In addition to a fine pot of Sterling's Caramel Nut tea, I quickly tucked into the savories: An artichoke-cheese spread on a cracker, a slice of Cuban sandwich which was quite filling, a chilled strawberry soup (was that feta cheese on top, friends?), a tostada with black beans and guacamole, and a small serving of quiche.

The Chocolate Chip Scones, served with jam and cream, were large, hot, tender and tasty!

And it pains me to admit this, but I wasn't actually able to eat all of the sweets! There was fresh vanilla bean ice cream, apple cobbler, a trifle with kiwi (my favorite), a coconut macaroon, and the two I didn't have any room for — a mini-cinnamon roll and a slice of one of their splendid cakes. And can you believe this feast was just $12.95? (I did manage to eat my take-out cake later that night, and it was still fresh and delicious!)

We tea travelers stayed at a charming Bed-and-Breakfast, the Pinecrest Inn. Not too long after finishing teatime, I had settled into the rose-bedecked Wible Suite at the inn and was all comfy in my teapot pajamas in a friend's room (in her own teapot pajamas) chattering away. And the fun was just beginning!


  1. Hi Angela! It was such a fun time. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it!

  2. Asheville is a wonderful place to share tea with friends.

    Did you have a chance to have tea at the Biltmore? Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the adventure.

    Mary Jane

  3. Angela,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Celebrate and enjoy the blessings of another year!

    It sounds like you had a ball celebrating with tea friends. It's wonderful to see how tea brings so many of us together.

    If you ever decide to take a trip up to New Jersey or some where close, please let me know.



  4. What fun we had together in Asheville! And what a delight to finally get to meet and talk to you in person, Angela. I'm enjoying everyone else's posts about the trip.

  5. How wonderful! Two of my favorite things are "Tea with friends and meeting blogger friends, although I have not had the pleasure of meeting any in person yet!

  6. Wow, what a feast!! I'm only a couple of hours from Asheville, now I want to go have tea there one day. Sounds like you gals had a great time.

  7. completely FUN!! How neat to be able to do that, I would love to meet you too.

  8. It doesn't get better than this - I am so happy for you all to meet and EAT at this lovely place!

  9. Oh what a delightful time!!!

    One of the best memories I have is a tea-party-filled weekend with friends and a slumber party that night. Several of them had tea-themed jammies, too!

    SO SWEET, and I cannot believe that feast of yours! YUM!!

  10. What a lovely place to gather for tea and treats! I wish we had something like that here! All of the offerings looked divine. I especially love strawberry soup. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos with us.

  11. Joy and I need to grab some of our gal pals and head to nearby Asheville! What fun...we missed:( Dang...

  12. What a fun time! I'm jealous, would have loved to join you. :-)

  13. Happy Birthday, Angela - I love this post today! It's so nice of you to include such beautiful photos and great reviews of your tea experiences - I 'feel' like I'm right there, enjoying all the sights, sounds and 'delights' of the day. Your blog IS a delight, I so enjoy visiting it. Take care, Joanie

  14. Happy celebrations of you!!!!


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