Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas in Warm Springs

Have you ever been to Warm Springs, Georgia? I've been a number of times but hadn't visited the town recently and decided to go yesterday. If you're not from my neck of the woods, you might not know that Warm Springs is the home of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Little White House. FDR also brought fame to the town back in the 1920s when he visited the warm mineral springs for treatment of his polio related paralysis. Today, Warm Springs is home of the internationally-known Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation. Warm Springs still sees lots of tourism today, and that's what brought my friend Byrdie and me there for our Christmas outing this year.

Here's Byrdie in front of one of the rows of shops on Broad Street. We enjoyed browsing in the stores, especially seeing all the different themed Christmas trees on display. One was trimmed with mainly Scottie dogs and red plaid ribbon, while another was decked out in blue-and-white Delftware looking ornaments with all-white ribbons, garlands and other trims. In one store we spotted a small Irish-themed tree, and it was there I found ...

... three new Kurt S. Adler ornaments for my tea-themed tree! I was thrilled! I removed the teacup and one of the teapots and was about to continue on when Byrdie pointed out that another teapot ornament had a bit of a different design. Can't believe I nearly missed that! But Byrdie is a retired elementary school teacher, and after 34 years with third and fourth graders, there is not much that passes her notice. We didn't actually meet until my schooling years were over, but we both agree I would not have gotten away with much in her classroom!

Around lunchtime we headed here, to Warm Springs' popular Bulloch House restaurant, for our lunch.

Byrdie and I stuffed ourselves silly with fried green tomatoes and other southern favorites. Any place that makes good fried green tomatoes has my blessing, but I was also happy their sweet tea was about as perfect a glass of the iced stuff as I've ever had. Delicious!

The Bulloch House is beautifully decorated for Christmas right now, and even Santa and the reindeer crew like to stop by, apparently. It was a delightful day spent with a dear friend — and my new teacup and teapot ornaments are wonderful mementos of the day!


  1. My BFF and I are doing the same thing Thursday -- it's a tradition!

    Those ornaments are perfect for your tree! How cute are they!

    No other treasures came home with you?

  2. We've taken visiting relatives to Warm Springs a couple of times, but not at Christmas. Looks like you and Byrdie had a lovely day there.

    The ornaments you found for your tea tree are pretty - I've never seen that pattern before.

  3. What a great place, and a great time!

  4. What's more perfect than a day with a friend, browsing shops and a great meal! A Christmas blessing indeed! Great ornaments!

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun and what a wonderful afternoon to share with a good friend! Merry Christmas!

  6. What a lovely outing! As soon as I read Warm Springs, GA I was transported back to sixth grade when I had to write about a historical figure. FDR remains to this day, one of my favorite presidents. He's the person I say when asked, "If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be?"

  7. I have never been to Georgia but any place that has good fried green tomatoes sounds like a good place to visit!
    Your tea ornaments are lovely...what a great find!
    I am hoping to have a few friends over for tea on Friday...it's my most favorite way to entertain :)

  8. Sounds like a nice outing with your friend. Good find on the ornaments for your tea themed tree.

  9. What a special day and definitely finding the little ornaments just made it perfect.

  10. What a cute little town. Glad you had a fun day.

  11. Oh, how fun! It sounds like a lovely place. I would love to find those ornaments in a store. They're so pretty.
    What a fun friend outing. I love Byrdies name! I bet you two had a blast.
    I agree about the perfect sweet tea. It's a must for me at any restaurant.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love Carol B.

  12. What a nice post! I too love dishes and fried green tomatoes. May I asked if the restaurant you visited with your friend is in Bullock, GA? My people are from there and when I come down to visit the area, I may look up the restaurant.


    Mrs. B

  13. Sounds like my kind of day! Where in Ga. is warm springs, I just may have to plan a trip there!

  14. Hi Angela, what a great post -
    great story and beautiful photos!
    I have never been to Warm Springs, now when I go I'll know where to go. I especially like the 'Irish' ornaments, you don't see those too often. Thanks for sharing, Joanie


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