Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An afternoon at August Moon Tea Room

This is my week to catch up with girlfriends before Christmas, and yesterday I had the fun experience of trying out a new (to me) tea room with my fellow tea blogger and friend Maureen, also known as ParTea Lady, of the Tea and Talk blog. Maureen had blogged about visiting August Moon in Barnesville back in March, and I told her I'd like to meet her there for tea one day, so that's what we did for our Christmas get-together this year!

This tea room does not want you to leave hungry, and wait until you hear all that we ate! First, there was a fruit cup with whipped cream served in a beautiful blue Tiara snack set.

Maureen had Earl Grey tea and I had the Peaches and Cream. It was just delicious--and had a very distinct peachy taste.

Even our water was attractive, served as it was in these pretty yellow Fostoria glasses. Later, I learned August Moon's owner, Maggie Cameron, is as wild about collecting glass and teawares as I am. More so, actually, since she has a fitting place to use all of hers!

There was much eye candy on the tables, from the crocheted topper to the paper lace placemats, teapot salt and pepper shakers, figurine, glass goblet of lemon curd and more!

Of course my favorite food moment is always the presentation of the three-tiered server. What would it feature?

The sandwiches, my favorite course, were chicken salad, ham and pickle rollup, cucumber, and a cute snowman shaped sandwich that I believe was some sort of sweetened cream, almond perhaps. I liked the variety of fillings, and the bread was cut *just so* and made such a pleasing presentation.

The lemon scones with lemon curd were just the treat I needed on a gray, rainy day. After I took this photo I discovered the scones were actually cut out in Christmas tree shapes. Alas, I munched mine before I realized I should have taken a photo of it from that angle. Oh well, next time!

For the sweets we had brownies, miniature bread puddings (my favorite) and cinnamon spice cupcakes. Alas, I forgot to photograph the sausage quiche and black-eyed pea soup that also came with our tea. I've rarely eaten so much at a tea room, and Maureen and I both had to-go boxes when we left.

Maureen and I dined in the very first room you see upon entering the tea room, and I had a great view of this giant photo of some women in period dress. Not sure if you can tell, but the woman at back is holding a basketball! One of the young men serving us (both were great, by the way) said the photo was obtained locally but they don't know the identity of the women. Wouldn't you love to know more!

OK, so my eyes are halfway closed. I'm among friends here, so I thought I'd go ahead and show you the two of us with the wonderful matron presiding over the tea room.

Isn't she charming?

Even the ladies room at this tea room is worth a visit, for the massive collection of hats, hatboxes and gloves are a sight to behold! I had a wonderful time catching up with a dear tea friend, and we're already planning a return trip to August Moon! If you'd like to go sometime, visit the tea room's website here.


  1. What a wonderful day that you ladies enjoyed.
    Food looked yummy !!!

  2. This looks like a fun tea room! and the menu sounds plentiful! Glad you are having some special time out and about enjoying holiday celebrations with friends!

  3. How fun for you two! Looks like a wonderful tearoom and a fabulous menu! Lucky you! Great way to connect with a friend>

  4. Hi Angela
    You two did get a lot of food and it was all yummy looking. I like seeing the inside of tea rooms that others visit.

  5. I'm glad you all had a wonderful time. Everything looks delicious.

  6. I'm putting this on my list of places to visit - SOON! About the photo, Tift College is just "down the road a piece" in Forsyth. I bet that could be the basketball team from the college.

  7. This morning I'm enjoying a cup of the Twinings Christmas Tea (reminds me of Constant Comment) and trying not to freak out about the Belgium transit workers strike.

    It was a lovely tea visit, wasn't it? Your pictures turned out great.

  8. Oooh, that is a delightful tea room and yummy treats. The quiche and soup sound delicious. What a special place for tea friends. Your picturs are so great and fun to see. Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Carol Bible

  9. This would be indeed a fun tearoom to visit, even the bathroom. Love, love the matron serving tea and your food food looks and sounds delicious!

  10. Hi Angela! Another great tea room, I must add this to the list too. It looks wonderful and your photos are great. The 'Hostess of the Tea Room' is a Hoot! Joanie


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