Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Tea & Coffee Christmas Cookie Project

I do love to give lots of food gifts at Christmas, but last year I waited too late and just didn't have it in me to conduct a marathon cookie-baking session at the last minute. And so I vowed to do something different this year. One of my favorite, most relaxing times to try a new recipe is on Sunday afternoons after church. Why not start in November and bake and freeze a batch of cookies each week? I thought. So that's what I'm trying this year!

This week's chai tea cookie was inspired by a feature on tea-and-coffee infused cookies in a Better Homes and Gardens Christmas cookie magazine from 2009, which some of you probably own. Their cookies were crescent-shaped, but I wanted mine to be plain round ones.

The Butter Frosting is a great complement to the spicy chai flavor of the cookie, and if you look closely you can see bits of chai tea in the cookie. I love the whole "Tea and Coffee" cookie theme, and making one batch of them a week until time for gift-giving is easy and not very time consuming at all. Week One: Done!


  1. these look fantastic! Hope on over and I will brew up some of my caramel creme brulee and I would say that would be just right!

  2. Your bake and freeze ahead Christmas cookie project is a winner !

  3. What a great idea! And you will enjoy not having to rush to bake all these goodies next month.

  4. I'm curious-- did you freeze them with the icing or do you intend to ice them after thawing? I would imagine that the icing would be better not frozen but I have no experience with that.

  5. Gerri, I questioned that too but the frosting thickens up quickly and they froze beautifully! I'm going to test one before giving away, but so far they look perfect!

  6. I say the same as Steph. These do look and sound good.


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