Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More tea & quilting goodies

Really, it's hard to believe all the great goodies that were in my gift basket from the Common Threads Quilt Guild last week (see yesterday's post for the first half). This pretty artisan soap slice is resting on the basket's liner, which was a gorgeous design featuring lots of names of tea splashed with colorful teawares. I'm not sure how I'm going to use this fabric, but I definitely want it used in some project where it will be spotlighted!

Also hanging over the basket edge was this vintage lace dresser scarf. I am going to use it under my pink feather tree with all the teapot and teacup ornaments this Christmas!

There was also a lavender-filled sachet made from an old cross-stitched quilt. What a charming idea!

I don't know who made these great needlecases, but I was awfully happy to receive them—and in my favorite color!

I also like this fun and funky pincushion and will put it to good use with my winter needlework. I really do adore handmade gifts and treasure them for the time and care that go into them!

One other benefit of attending the quilt guild meeting is that I ran into an old friend from our previous quilting store in Newnan, who alerted me to the fact there is a new quilt store, Sewn With Love, here in town. How had I not known about this? I made a beeline there on my lunch hour the very next day! I found a particular quilting magazine I'd been looking for and a couple of fat quarters, but my favorite find was in a basket of donated (but unused) quilt patterns the store sells for $1 each to raise money for the humane society. Can you believe *this* great pattern was in there? Tea and quilting were definitely on the brain, and little did I know that one more very special tea-and-quilting nudge was headed my way ...


  1. What a great find! And what a generous gift!

  2. Yes, so generous! And lovely, too.

  3. That was a great gift basket (so many of your favorite things). I really like the $1 teacup quilt pattern you found.

  4. Was the basket liner just a piece of fabric? If so is the selvage there with the maker/company? I've never seen that print before, but it's lovely.

  5. I LOVE the tea fabric! That is so cute! The chicken pincishion reminds me of the lavender ones they make here during lavender festival. So cute! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. that really is a wonderful gift!! xo HHL

  7. Hello Angela, I love all your photos, the items are so unique.
    You are such a good writer and a good photographer too. I always enjoy your blog, Joanie

  8. All of your gifts are so fun and pretty! The needle holders are darling!
    Love, Carol B.


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