Thursday, July 9, 2009

This tea lover is a doll -- really!

Are any Jewish tea lovers reading today? If so, and if you happen to like dolls, you will be as tickled as I was to "meet Rebecca Rubin" in the pages of the new American Girl doll catalog. Looks-wise, Rebecca reminds me of the Samantha doll I once wanted (she's now discontinued), largely because one of her cutest accessories was a tea set. It turns out the new AG doll is growing up in New York City in 1914 and enjoys "observing the Sabbath with her extended Jewish family" and "helping family from Russia make the transition to life in America."

I love the costume Rebecca comes in, shown at top, but I also like her other outfits and, more importantly, the accessories. Here is her sideboard set with a samovar and box of Ceylon tea!

The Sabbath set (samovar, tray, candlesticks, hallah bread, tea canister, ceramic teapot, glasses and cloth) are pictured on the page with this "movie dress," but I think Rebecca is dressed like she's ready to go to tea. And I'll bet I'm not the only grown-up Christian woman who'd love to play with this adorable little Jewish doll!


  1. My Lord in Heaven, Angela! I've known lots of Rubins...I had no idea that they were Jewish! I guess those lighted trees on top of their houses must have been Hannakah bushes rather than Christmas and learn...back in those days, though, weather was considered to be a safe subject, as well.

    Beautiful doll, just goes to show you, an American can be most anyting...don't you just love it?

  2. That is a great doll. My girls were never in to the American Girl dolls (budget restrictions?), but if I had a grand daughter I'd want to buy her this doll.

    Since they have European great grandparents, this would have been a great way to introduce them to the immigrant experience. I wonder if American Girl Comapny is hiring any new historical researchers (sounds like a great job). Thanks for sharing this sweet little tea lover.

  3. Any doll that comes with an elegant tea samovar is one LUCKY doll!!

  4. Lovely post! I am excited to have found your blog, and I am really, really enjoying going back through and reading. We love American Girl here at our house... my daughter has Samantha and Felicity. I am excited to learn about Rebekkah and look forward to the books.



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