Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A "Springtime in Paris" Tea

After returning home from a lovely visit with tea friend Maureen last Thursday, I opened the mailbox and found a small Priority Mail package inside. I hadn't ordered anything or won anything on eBay in a while, so I was perplexed. Who would be sending me a package? Turns out Phyllis Barkey, a recent book giveaway winner who lives in Michigan, was thanking me for the book she'd won by including a photo and some tea from a spring tea she'd recently coordinated at her church! The theme was "Springtime in Paris," and if you double-click on the photo, you can nose around as I did and check out the Eiffel Tower centerpieces, teapots, and even an Eiffel Tower prop in the background. Somebody (or somebodies) obviously worked hard on this event!

Phyllis said she ordered French Caramel Creme Brulee tea to serve the ladies, and I am so enjoying the package she so thoughtfully enclosed with her photo and sweet card. The tea is simply divine and pairs well with some dark chocolate I'd been hoarding for just such an occasion! In addition to the treat, it was so nice to see a new tea party idea, and I really like the table settings with the pink and black decor. Très chic!

Phyllis also shared that she is a recipient of a traveling Friendship Teapot like I wrote about on April 16, and I marvel, once again, at the threads this love for tea weaves into so many of our lives. Thank you, Phyllis, for kindly permitting me to share about your wonderful church tea in today's post!


  1. Phyllis did an awesome job with the Springtime in Paris theme. The tea table looks lovely.

    Creme Brulee is a favorite dessert, but I have yet to try it as a tea flavor - sounds yummy.

  2. Oh LA LA... Filing away this idea!!

  3. What a great tea party theme! Phylis, you did a great job.

  4. Phyllis is soooo talented. I think she should publish a tea book with photographs and descriptions of all the teas - big and small - that she has done. She's a lovely person and a special tea friend; we met on the Tea in London tour.


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