Friday, July 10, 2009

Cooling off with tea

The other day I was buying groceries and wanted something cool to drink on the way home. It dawned on me I had not checked out the powdered drink mix offerings this summer, so I was intrigued to see this Crystal Light Red Tea with natural mandarin flavor. I bought a bottle of water and drank this on the way home, and it had a delicious orange flavor.

This instant rooibos drink does contain aspartame, which I know some tea lovers won't like, and the box also says it is gluten-free, which some tea lovers *will* like.

Speaking of drink mixes, I saw some interesting ones in this June 2000 issue of Canadian Living which tea friend Maureen gave me last week. (It had a neat article on tea sandwiches, and she knows I am a magazine junkie.) But check out the name of this Kool-Aid product ...

Kool-Tea! Maureen doesn't remember seeing this during her time in Canada, and I certainly don't ever remember seeing it here in the U.S. Have any of you ever had Kool-Tea? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I have wanted to try the tea mixes that you add to bottled water, but most do have artificial sweeteners.

    That really is a cute advertisement for Kool-Tea. I hope someone can give us more info.

  2. Excellent news on the gluten-free tea. I need to update my blog, and I will include that!

  3. I have never seen Kool-Tea, but it is really "cool". I will admit too that I don't care for Crystal Light beverage mainly because of the artificial sweetner. I can't handle the taste of any of them and certain ones give me headaches and 'other' problems.

  4. I worked as a cook at a daycare for years (years ago) and we used Kool-aid for the grade-schoolers for afternoon snack. I have always detested Kool-aid so I cannot tell you how it tasted but I do recall getting packets of it at Amelia's. Amelia's carries discontinued items or changed packaging products etc. At the time, I assumed they just weren't a hit with consumers. It is possible it was never in the US. The love of tea is something I have newly acquired or I am sure I would have tried it. Bummed now that I didn't.


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