Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Displaying vintage teapot earrings

Recently my costume jewelry has become a bit of a jumble, so I decided it was time to get organized. I really like to display and store things in non-traditional ways, so I am organizing my vintage teapot earrings (and a couple of vintage bracelets) by attaching them to the edge of an old pink ruffled vase, and I rather like the effect. The interesting thing I wanted to mention about these pieces (some of which were just 99 cents and a dollar or so for shipping on eBay) is that they all feature the exact same teapot design. Some of these I've shown before, but I hope at least a few of the designs will be new to you.

Here are some rhinestone ruby earrings I wore last Christmas.

These pearl ones are a tad on the gaudy side, and the gold is brassy and discolored, but I like them anyway.

I have sometimes worn these plain silver teapot earrings as my "everyday earrings."

And though I normally prefer silver and white gold, I needed a pair of gold earrings last year and these fit the bill.

This bracelet is signed Monet, and inside the circle is that same old teapot design that's on all these earrings.

Finally, this gold charm bracelet is a bit discolored, but I liked that it had both a teacup and teapot with pearls on them. Do you happen to have any pieces featuring this ever-present teapot design?


  1. Oh Angela, those are beautiful! I so enjoyed seeing them!

  2. yes, I love seeing them and how you've displayed them. I'm also a fan of creative displays of things. Nice job!

  3. I like your display and all your teapot jewelry. I have some teapot pins and pendants, but none with that particular teapot design.

  4. Oh Angela, the collection is beautiful. I have one tea pot on my charm bracelet- (same style)and it sits next to a teacup on the bracelet. Every time I wear it the spout of the tea pot gets stuck in the handle of the tea cup as if it knows it's suppose to be connected!

  5. What an elegant way to feature the earrings! Beautiful! It would be hard to decide which ones to wear...


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