Friday, April 17, 2009

Cari's "Turning 10" Tea Party

My favorite 10-year-old, my sweet niece Cari (short for "Carolyn Hope"), celebrated her birthday today with a party with family and a few friends at my mom's house, so I thought I'd share some photos in honor of the day.

My parents are actually selling this house and moving into an old farmhouse they've spent the last few years renovating, so mom bought these two table-and-chair sets to set up a "tea room" just for today. The two candelabra she bought for $5 (the set) yesterday. That's my mom!

Cari requested my mom make a Red Velvet Cake, so she did. My sister made Red Velvet Cupcakes with decorative icing, but I took all the food photos early and forgot to get a picture of the cupcakes when they arrived. They were yummy, though!

Cari had told me she wanted something made with raspberries, so I made this berry tart, my first ever, which turned out quite well, I thought! You can find the recipe here.

Here's a note on finger sandwiches and savories: I made our old favorite finger sandwiches (Olive-Egg Salad and Cucumber Cream, recipes I've shared before), but to save time I "cheated" on the Chicken Salad in Phyllo Cups. Publix makes a great chunky chicken salad, and I was surprised to find that one small 8-ounce container (I had gotten two) filled 26 of the 30 phyllo cups. Although I do like to make some things for all my tea parties, I have gotten over thinking I have to make every single item from scratch.

Here's the birthday girl opening her Little House on the Prairie DVD's (Season 2), which seemed to be a real hit.

Here's something I brought for the gift table, a honeycomb crepe paper teapot I found on eBay a few months ago. (I believe it cost $4.50 or so.)

And finally, here's my sister Rhonda with the birthday girl. (And in case she checks this blog tonight: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARI! WE LOVE YOU!!!)


  1. Well, in case Cari checks out this blog tonight, I want to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY too! (And her family birthday celebration tea party looked absolutely YUMMY!)

    What a happy and delicious way to celebrate the day!

  2. Happy Birthday, Cari! Angela, it was a beautiful party and a delicious menu. I'm sure Cari will cherish the memories from her special day.

  3. Happy Birthday Cari! May you have a wonderful year filled with lovely "Little House on the Prairie" moments to remember all your precious life!

  4. Dear Angela,

    What a lovely story!

    I really needed to read this: nice young ladies sharing tea customs and making memories. Several "Moms of teens" and I have been trading notes on some behaviors (that are viewed as 'acceptable') and some common practices that are going around in school. These stories could 'curl your hair.'

    How refreshing to see the positive side of young people - it does my heart good.

    Happy Birthday to your niece, who has a wonderful, thoughtful Aunt!

    Have a great weekend,

  5. Happy birthday to Cari. What a lovely celebration tea party.

  6. What a wonderful party and what a wonderful aunt you are!

  7. Oh, lovely! I hope to be as good of an aunt as you!


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