Thursday, June 5, 2008

Time for tea ... soaps

A year ago, I received this lovely box of Tea Soaps as a gift. The box is so pretty, I couldn't bring myself to tear into the package for a whole year. And I have to say, I've never even heard of Fennel Tea. Have any of you? Have you tried it?

But since I was out of "good soap" this week (you know what I mean: non-grocery store soap), I decided the time had come to actually use this sweetly-scented gift. These soaps don't actually contain tea but are rather "inspired" by some classic tea scents. The soaps smell lovely, give a plush lather, and are in a gorgeous box that I plan to save and use for storing some tea-related trinkets.

I started with the Earl Grey because of its pretty lavender color. Know of any other tea soaps I haven't written about yet?


  1. fennel tea is good for tummy problems... I don't know about the soap!

  2. Fennel Tea is really a tisane; made from the herb fennel, most likely the seeds. It has a black licorice flavor. It was frequently mixed with other seeds and referred to as "meeting seeds". The ladies would tie the seeds up in a corner of their hanky and nibble on them during long meetings. There is also the expression 'eat fennel and grow thin'. It would help dieters, as long as you watched everything else you ate!

  3. Great info, ladies! Thanks for sharing!

  4. yes, in germany you give fennel tea to babies when they have sgtomach pfroblems!

  5. Very lovely - I'm a bit of a soap collector! :-)


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