Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pink Lemonade "Tea to Go"

Yesterday I got the new Upton Tea catalog in the mail, and they write about how their tea sales always slump during the hot summer months and go through the roof when there's snow outside. Here in Georgia it was in the high nineties yesterday so I did not want hot tea when I got home from work, but fortunately there was some "Blue Mango" green tea from Aunt Laura's Sweet Shoppe steeping in the fridge. The heat is probably another reason I made an impulse purchase of Lipton's "Defense to Go" iced tea mix while buying some groceries last night.

I've been drinking Lipton's "Green Tea to Go" and "White Tea to Go" tea mixes from about the time they came out, I believe. Yesterday, however, was the first time I've seen "Defense to Go" tea mix, in this case a Pink Lemonade flavored green tea with Vitamins C&E. The taste is quite tart, but when you're in a lemonade-sipping mood that's just fine.

These little packets are great for popping in your purse so you can have some flavored "iced" tea with you at all times. (If only they made ICE in a portable packet. Now there's an idea!) I've also enjoyed the Apple Cranberry White Tea flavor, and less so the Cherry Blossom Green Tea flavor, which really does taste like Kool-Aid to me. I think the Green Tea with Mandarin & Mango remains my favorite of these types of teas, but Pink Lemonade was new (and pink!), and so I had to try it.


  1. Hey Angela,
    These look and sound yummy! Do they have artificial sweetners or sugar in them???? Thanks for the info--tammyp


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