Friday, June 27, 2008

The Girl with the Pearl Teapot Earrings

For the past month or so I've been scavenging for cheap costume jewelry. Antique malls, thrift stores, eBay and have all proven to be good sources for the search, and though I haven't bought a lot (yet), I'm sure having fun looking! Once, I even got the original box with a set of earrings I bought, this one from Wm. H. Griffin Jeweler, 104 Broadway, Newburgh, N.Y.

Inside? This sweet little set of gold-filled and cultured pearl earrings. They have those screw-on style posts, and I actually like that style best in vintage jewelry because clip-ons - which I will buy if they are pretty enough - tend to pinch the daylights out of my ears. I wore a pair of clip-ons I love the other day but took them off every hour to restore circulation to my earlobes. (They were also large and kept banging into the telephone at work when I answered calls. But then no one ever said looking elegant would be easy...)

Sometimes I marvel at the sheer number of items which have featured a teapot or teacup as a design motif, from paintings to linens to costume jewelry and more. (Frivolitea has even found a "tea and design" book I need to get my hands on.) Obviously, our affection for tea has been around a long time. These Wm. H. Griffin earrings weren't made in the nineties, y'know? And while I'm not quite ready to sit for Vermeer, today I'm happy I get to be "the girl with the pearl teapot earrings."


  1. How beautiful! You are a great scavenger! Wonferful find!

  2. Those teapot earrings are very pretty. Looking for older tea motif jewelry sounds like fun.

  3. Those are some really great earrings. They are most certainly vintage. The pearls appear to be akoya and in good shape. That is a rare find.

  4. Don't ya' just adore vintage? These earrings are just lovely!

  5. Oh, those are just glorious!


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