Thursday, June 19, 2008

A cranberry drink made with tea

Often, I am writing this blog post during my morning viewing of The Today Show. Yesterday during the show, I saw a commercial for Cranergy Energy Juice Drink and thought I heard them say it was made with green tea.

I absolutely love cranberries and cranberry juice anyway, so there was nothing to do but head to the grocery store and see if this product had hit the shelves yet, and it had. It was $3.89 for the pack of 4 bottles, and I bought the "raspberry cranberry lift" flavor. (They didn't capitalize so I won't either, but please know that I am pro-capitalization when it comes to product names.)

Some thoughts: I like the taste. It has that tartness I like, and the 12-ounce bottle is a good size for a single serving. It has 100 percent of the RDA of Vitamin C. I read it contains 20 percent fruit juice, so what's the other 80 percent? Well, the first ingredient listed is filtered water. I'm surprised to see it contains Splenda. I drink artificial sweeteners because I know it's either that or eat the sugar bowl for me, but I realize this will be an issue for some. And I'm not sure how I feel about seeing the word "Energy" on the label, although I realize so-called "energy drinks" are hot with some consumers these days. Mostly, I was just intrigued that Ocean Spray made a commercial specifically mentioning its product made with green tea (green tea extract, actually). Would you buy it? Would you try it?


  1. These energy type drinks are really popular right now. I like cranberry juice, but I wouldn't buy this product because of the artificial sweetener.

    I just received some samples of "Healthy To Go" Green Tea Energy Fusion mix. You pour the single serving packet into a cold bottle of water and enjoy. It contains organic Japanese green tea. You can check out their products and request samples at

  2. You will have to try Marmalady's Cranberry Ginger Tea Marmalade. It is new for 2008.


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