Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some wonderful handmade tea gifts!

The gift of needlework is one I have long enjoyed giving. I've made afghans and doilies, pillows and Bible covers, Christmas stockings and bookmarks, and it has been very rewarding to be able to give these gifts. I just love browsing through a shop for yarn, fabric and threads, and there's something very fulfilling about knowing your own hands used these simple things to make a gift for someone else.

And I've said all that to say this: Because I know how much work and care goes into a handmade gift, I am an especially happy recipient of handmade gifts, because I truly do treasure them. And so when a "mystery package" arrived at the office one day last week, I opened the package and tissue paper verrrrrry carefully. Dana in Atlanta had e-mailed that she was sending me something ("What? What? What?" I had immediately thought), and I knew it was going to be appreciated and welcomed no matter what, but then the package arrived and I opened it to find THESE!

She knit the tea shawl, which perfectly fits a personal size teapot, in llama wool, and I hope my photo allows you to tell something of the wonderfully soft texture of this piece. I wish you could touch it through the Internet! (And how did she guess that pink is my favorite color!) Along with the shawl came a crocheted tea collar, which is placed on the teapot spout to discourage dripping and stains. I am sooooo enjoying using these delightful pieces, and more than a little humbled by the kindness of the one who took time to stitch them for me. Makes me want to start crocheting and knitting and quilting some tea-themed gifts of my own!


  1. The tea shawl is just beautiful. I could almost feel its softness. How very special!


  2. I just wanted to reach right in and rub it on my cheek. What a thoughtful person and gift.

  3. I love the phrase tea shawl! :-) It's just lovely!

    Happy Earth Day!

  4. What a nice gift - really pretty yarn. I love that she made a drip catcher to go with the tea shawl.


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