Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cari's Birthday Tea!

My sweet nieces Madison, Cari and Amelia are some of my favorite tea party playmates in the whole world, and since today is Cari's ninth birthday, I took the morning off and seven of us gals in my family gathered for a special birthday tea. We had a little teacup sign out front reading "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARI!"

Because it was her big day, Cari's place setting had the Birthday Cake Teapot my thoughtful friend Stacie gave me recently just because she came across it and thought I'd like it. Isn't that a great teapot to use in honor of The Birthday Girl at tea parties? Cari got to request any tea she wanted, and I was very relieved when she said "Peach" since I had three different varieties on hand.

Cari had requested the Southern Living Coconut Cake I made last Thanksgiving, one of their "big white cakes" with lemon curd between the layers and a yummy cream cheese frosting. We also had Egg-Olive Tea Sandwiches, Cucumber Cream Sandwiches, Waldorf Chicken Salad Mini-croissants, Lemon Madeleines and Chocolate Covered Strawberries. The drink offerings included ice water (we're big ice water girls), iced Key Lime Rooibos, Peach Tea and Chocolate Mint Tea.

The birthday girl got lots of cool gifts, and from her Aunt Angela she got a new purse ...

... and from Uncle Alex, a Georgia Bulldog fan, she managed to get a much-treasured Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets glass.

"That's disgusting!" said Madison, age 12, a Texas Longhorns fan and someone who doesn't much care for the Yellow Jackets despite the coloring on her groovy outfit.

Amelia, who is nearly 3, didn't care about college rivalries. She just wanted to try on hats and high heels and dance to Barney songs! And that's enough for today, but tomorrow I'll share some of the recipes for those who like that sort of thing!


  1. What a beautiful tea - Happy Birthday to Cari! Your nieces are adorable and I look forward to you sharing the recipes.

  2. Greetings Angela! I found your wonderful blog about a month ago and have had a great time catching up on the archived posts. Some days, you win my "Best Smile of the Day" award, other days it's your stories of bargains found that tickle me pink, and always, I enjoy your informative tales of all things tea. Your blog has become my daily "must read".

    I had to finally post today to compliment you on the creative ideas and recipes you share with us, and the pictures of your lovely nieces. Today's pictures of the Birthday Tea for Cari looks beautiful as always, and I bet a fun and delicious time was enjoyed by all the ladies. Please wish Cari "Happy Birthday" from a fellow tea lover in the north (hopefully, she won't hold that against me), and tell her the new purse looks smashing!

    I wanted to add a friendly "hello" to my fellow readers here, and thank you again, Angela, for graciously hosting this tea party in cyber space.

  3. Your niece's are very fortunate to have such a sweet aunt to do so many sweet things for them. The tea looks beautiful and the girls are just adorable. And Cari- "GO RAMBLIN WRECK!!!" (My eldest daughter attended Tech) BZBZBZZZZZZ- and HAPPY B'DAY!

  4. What a fun tea psrty with your adorable nieces!

  5. It was definitely a wonderful tea party, and the food was delicious! Cari had a great time and enjoyed being "queen for the day." I especially enjoyed the egg-olive sandwiches and probably ate way too many - YUMMY!

  6. What a lovely tea party. Your niece must have been thrilled with her special party. I will have to look up the recipe for the Southern Living cake. It brings back memories of my favorite Aunt, Betty, and all the years that she made a white cake with lemon filling for my birthdays.

  7. Oh, fun, fun!!!! These sweet faces make me smile!


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