Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Feeling craft-tea?

I never have to go in a crafts store again. On Sunday, I was looking for a particular piece in my little crafts room and ended up looking through every single crafts container. Twice. That included two huge bins of fabric, about five crafts totes bearing assorted projects already in progress, and perhaps a dozen assorted containers of laces, ribbons, threads, fibers, buttons and trim. And going through all that "stuff" did two things for me: 1) It cured me of needing to go in any crafts stores for a while and 2) it showed me that I've actually been "into" the tea theme for longer than I realized. So I thought I'd share some of my crafty finds, including one of my most-used pieces, the teapot pincushion above.

An orphaned cream pitcher and a slightly chipped chintz mug are containers for pens and crochet hooks.

That pretty bowl I found last year but couldn't figure out what to do with? It holds buttons, including a green teacup button that will be the perfect accent on some tea-themed piece.

Several years ago, crafts magazines started showing various styles of letters covered in fabric, buttons, glitter, or otherwise embellished. I've not decorated these yet, but just know they will come in handy someday!

It's hard to see, but underneath the cards and hat, this rack with a crown on top was actually a new piece I bought to display Christmas cards last year. It occurred to me it would be good to use it throughout the year as well, so now it decorates the crafts room and holds favorite cards and memorabilia, including the crocheted teapot doilies that were a gift from my friend Kathy.

For about five years, I worked pretty steadily on a pink and green crazy quilt. Then one day, I'd had enough of that and just put it down. But I was so close to being done! Looking at the blocks this weekend reminded me of how lovely this would be if I would just finish it. The corset pattern is something I copied off a rubber stamp, then embellished with velvet threads, buttons and organza ruffles. I loved making it, but that perfect piece of lace next to it was just SO starkly white. I tea dyed it, and voila, the softness I desired.

One day last year, I actually went IN a convenience store to pay for gas (almost never happens anymore thanks to pay-at-the-pump), and I walked out with this bottle of Gold Peak green tea. I like the design of the bottle and decided to keep it. Maybe it'll hold paper flowers one day?

My inspiration board, an old dresser mirror with the "mirror" now made of cork, holds tidbits I mean to do something with. Finishing this needlepoint rose pillow suddenly appeals to me, and I just love finding all these teapot doily pieces.

And for carrying around all these crafty goodies? This tea-themed tote bag, once a gift from DH. I wish you all lived nearby, because we could all meet up in the crafts room and work on tea-themed crafts together!


  1. Great post! I'll be right over with my bag of craft-tea things!

  2. I know what you mean. I never have to go to the craft store or the scrapbook store again, but it's such fun. I love your craft room and all the wonderful tea themed items - great photos. I'm glad that I'm not the only one with lots of UFO's floating around my craft room. Careful what you wish for - some of us do live nearby.

  3. I love your tea themed craft supplies! What fun to make things with them!

  4. What a wonderful blog you have. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on mine : )

  5. Oh, wouldn't that be so much fun!!


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