Friday, December 13, 2019

Coconut A La Creme Black Tea from Plum Deluxe

I'm working my way through the tea samples Plum Deluxe was kind enough to send me recently, and this week, that meant a rich black tea, their Coconut A La Creme Black Tea. I love coconut. I know some people do not, but I like coconut in candy, I like it in coconut cream pie, I like it in ambrosia, and yes, I like its flavor in my tea.

When I saw the great big coconut pieces in this Coconut A La Creme blend, I had high hopes for a great-tasting tea, and this one did not disappoint. The tea also has vanilla flavoring, and during this colder weather that's come our way, I'm so happy for a rich-tasting coconutty tea that's like having dessert in my Princess Anne "Noel" teacup in honor of Christmas!


  1. I think that sounds delicious!

  2. Plum Deluxe's Coconut Macaron Dessert Tea is also quite delicious

  3. I do like coconut cake and pie, but I've never tried coconut tea. You make this one sound so good, I'll have to try it!

  4. I love coconut too - and never even heard of it in a tea! Sounds delish!!!!

    Always appreciate your reviews!!! Big hugs!!


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