Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Learning from Tea Time

I've gotten serious about curtailing the number of new books and magazines I bring into my house, so I have instituted a new rule for magazines: if they don't teach me at least three new things of interest, I'm not reading them anymore. Fortunately, Tea Time passed the test and probably will for quite a few issues to come.

In this January/February 2019 issue, there were several pieces I particularly enjoyed, including this column on teatime etiquette by Bruce Richardson. While I knew that he was from Kentucky, I did not know that Mr. Teatime was originally a farm boy!

This Ralph Lauren "Patchwork" teapot in a new-to-me pattern definitely caught my eye, and I can just see it being used at a tea for friends who enjoy quilting or other needlework. And how clever to serve sweets that look like quilt blocks! I've never made a Battenberg cake like the Lemon-Orange one shown here, but boy, am I tempted to try. (Have any of you ever made a Battenberg cake? Is it as hard as it looks?)

"Taking Tea in Central Tennessee" was also of interest since a) these cities are within driving distance and b) I might be going right past some of these tea spots on some travels this year.

So Tea Time seems to have a secure spot on my bookshelves, but since there are always more than three new recipes I want to try as well, I figured this particular magazine was pretty safe!


  1. I need to get that issue to read about the Central Tennessee tea spots!

  2. Love Tea Time! I made my first Battenburg Cake last June for our Queen's Tea. It was not too bad to make, although I used Wilton's ready made fondant, so that made it easier. Tea Time provides step by step instructions on their website. I'll never give up Tea Time! Neither the magazine nor actual tea time.

  3. Tea Time is always fun to look through! As someone who grew up on a Kentucky farm myself, I was pleased to read about Bruce Richardson's origins. And since I have a sister who lives in Central Tennessee, I enjoyed reading about tea places in that area.

  4. Yes, I tried Battenburg cake once for a teatime. I had served most of it and then dropped it on the floor. Yikes! I was able to rescue enough to make do, but haven't been brave enough to try it again. A bit to fiddly for me.

  5. Angela,
    I emailed you but it came back undeliverable. Just wanted to let you know the book arrived. It is beautiful and includes so much information.
    Thanks so much!
    Janet P.

  6. Thanks for the review! I've not read my copy yet as I've been saving it for a trip to the beach, which we leave for tomorrow. Can't wait to delve into this issue now with ocean waves as my background music. Gonna have to figure out how to get ahold of one of those Ralph Lauren teapots. Definitely looking forward to finding out what cities in Central TN have tea shops to visit. It'll be even closer for me than it is for you!


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