Monday, March 13, 2017

Sampling some new teas from Arbor Teas

It's always fun to hear from different tea companies, not only because I like the idea of trying new-to-me teas but also because I continue to be impressed by all the amazing tea companies in our wide, wide world of tea! When I was contacted by Arbor Teas about trying some of their teas, I was eager for them to arrive so I could sample them and learn more about this company.

Arbor Teas, I learned, offers only organic teas, and their company is focused on "sustainability and doing the best we can to protect the planet while also offering the best teas we can get our hands on!" Sounds like a great focus to me! They sent a box of four teas, and the two I sampled this weekend were the Hawaii Premium Black, an organic black tea, and Pomegranate, an organic white tea blend.

I knew I would like the Hawaii Premium Black as soon as I opened the packet and inhaled that fresh, woody scent, and I was also intrigued by the long (often more than one-inch-long) wiry tea leaves. I've been sipping lots of flavored teas (particularly Earl Greys) lately, so to taste a plain black tea was actually a treat, and this one had a sophisticated, smooth, and almost sweet taste I greatly enjoyed. I often marvel that an unflavored tea can have such personality, but this one did. Maybe I also loved that it is a USA-grown tea as well! I so enjoyed the sophisticated black tea taste, with very little astringency, and I enjoyed multiple cups!

Next I tried the Pomegranate white tea, and again, I was impressed at first whiff. This blend consists of organic Indian white tea,  organic rosehips, organic safflowers, and natural pomegranate flavor. I loved the fruity scent, and when I prepared the tea, I was impressed with the light fruity taste. Some pomegranate teas can be mouth-puckeringly tart, but this one was not, just a tea with a subtle, fruity taste. So far I'm quite impressed with these new Arbor Teas, and if you'd like to check out this company for yourself, click here.


  1. Both teas sound lovely. Thanks for sharing

  2. My coloring book arrived in yesterday's mail. Thank you! It looks like fun.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Loralie! I hated that it took me so long to get to the post office, but I didn't trust my mail carrier not to bend and fold it along the way!

  3. I am glad to see the Hawaiian teas coming into their own!


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