Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Live nearby? Come to 'Tea in a Secret Garden' on April 8!

For those of you who live locally, it dawned on me that I should let you know about one of the best opportunities to enjoy tea in this area, the Senoia Area Historical Society’s “Tea in a Secret Garden” coming up on April 8! This flyer has all the info, and you need to RSVP by Saturday. I’ll be there as one of the judges for the tea's ever-popular hat contest, and I can’t wait!

Their last big tea event was this one, and here are scenes from another one of their lovely teas I attended as well. This group always takes great care of their guests, and the food and tea are absolutely delicious!

So if you happen to live within driving distance of Senoia,  I know they—and I—would love to see you there!


  1. I would love to be there! I have commitments that will prevent it but I'm sure it will be wonderful.

  2. : - (

    I sure wish I lived near you, dear friend.


  3. Oh! Wish I lived closer. Guess I'll look at the past events and sigh. :(

  4. Hmm i missed this opportunity from a miles away as i am here in Asia. :)
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