Friday, March 24, 2017

A tea towel from Luther Travis

A thoughtful friend recently gave me a vintage tea towel she bought for me since she knows I like old linens and teatime.

The towel is in great shape, and I'd never seen one like this before with both a teakettle and a tea infuser.

I've actually owned a few infusers just like this one, and the graphic is spot-on!

The designer, Luther Travis, is a name that was new to me, but I did a little research and found that Luther was designing back in the sixties. These colors remind me very much of the Early American decor my family had when I was a little girl, which would have been the late sixties, so it's fun to have a "new" tea towel that's almost as old as I am!


  1. That's really cute! I have never seen one like that. It's a lovely gift for you.

  2. That is a cute vintage tea towel. What a thoughtful gift.

  3. That is so different and real to life. It is signed; I have to put my initials on the dishtowels I embroidery on orders from my daughter and her daughter. A nice gift.


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