Friday, February 24, 2017

Miniature teawares that say 'spring'

Boy, has spring fever struck! These temperatures in the seventies have been delightful, and after I finished a three-week book edit and celebrated on my afternoon walk yesterday, I took in the cheerful sunlight, the daffodils, the budding Bradford pear tree in my front yard ... and reminded myself that the temperature is supposed to dip back down over the weekend. Still, the chirping birds and I were all pretty happy with the weather, and those birds very much reminded me of the last item from my recent motherlode of gifted teawares, this miniature tea set. I'm thinking this belongs in a fairy garden, don't you?

If you're interested in the idea of teacup fairy gardens, I have a whole folder of them on Pinterest, which you can find here.

This mini tea set, by the way, is marked Reutter, a firm I'd not heard of but that I found out is a German company whose wares are now available here in North America as well. Whether spring has officially arrived here in Newnan or not, it's definitely arrived in my soul!


  1. How darling! It's a breath of spring for you even if ithings get cold again outside.

  2. This weather has been lovely. The tea set is cute.

  3. Love anything "mini" - these are adorable!

  4. All their teasets are delightful. Back for years, I sold the Beatrix Potter ones, Flower Fairy and others I don't recall at this moment. Very good condition too.



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