Friday, December 16, 2016

The tea tree is up!

Actually, the tea-themed Christmas tree was up on Sunday, I just didn't take the time to stop and blog about it until now. This year I have it on my tea trolley, and although I realized years ago that I have too many ornaments to hang on this one tree, I did get a good many of them on there.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who bought this 2016 set of ornaments from Hallmark, featuring a Santa teapot and, just behind him, a green teacup.

Another Hallmark favorite is the "Alice in Wonderland" ornament I got in 2010, the year that I got my niece Cari one just like it for Christmas since we had seen the movie together that year.

The best part of decorating this little tree, though, is the many happy memories of ornaments that were given to me by tea friends over the years, so following are a few of the ornaments (but certainly not all) that I have been blessed to receive!

And no, this ornament isn't on a tree, but I was tired of the 1980s-era tassel I had attached to this old skeleton key in my great-grandmother's secretary, and I realized I should use the key as another means of displaying teatime ornaments year round. I have tea ornaments from friends displayed elsewhere in my home, too, and sometime I probably need to do a post on that!


  1. I love your tree. (and am honored to recognize an ornament in your photos!) I got the cute Hallmark Santa teapot and cup this year, too. I have a little teapot hanging from a key to my china cabinet and you reminded me to do this with the key to my mom's "secretary" desk, which I inherited. Enjoy all your decorations and have a very Merry Christmas.

  2. Hooray for the return of the tea tree with guest appearances by some Santa mugs! I always enjoy seeing your tea-themed ornaments.

    Have you also seen the "Tea Lover" ornament from Hallmark? It's a white teacup with gold polkadots and a teabag hanging on the side. You can get more info, including which stores have it in stock, on the Hallmark website.

  3. Love your tree, Angela! The ornaments are all adorable. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Merry Christmas,

  4. Loved seeing your tea themed tea Angela and wonder if a bigger one might be in order? lol

  5. You have a wonderful collection. I think perhaps THIS post-holiday sales you need to get a big tea tree to put all your ornaments on one tree. I have a rustic tree upstairs - it's think and about maybe 6 feet - and all the breakable ornaments I "wrap" the end of the brand to hold it on the tree - and after Christmas we wrap it in clear plastic garbage bags and carefully put it in a corner of the basement - still decorated - so easy - just once up, once down, easy peasey. All my colorful tea ornaments are on it - not a single one has ever broken. The tree is light enough to pick up by two. Just a thought.

    I do so hope you show us the rest- I love all your tea things and it is fun seeing them! (Why you sometimes also get none-tea related things too, maybe?) : - )

    It's beautiful, thanks for sharing. Hugs! ♥

  6. Just beautiful! Your tea collection makes me look like an amateur! Love the one on top for the star!

  7. Such a pretty little tree laden with beautiful memories! You have a fun assortment of ornaments that I wish I had!

  8. The tree is adorable. Have you heard of this tea...

  9. I enjoyed seeing your tree and ornaments. You have a fun collection of tea ornaments.


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