Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Christmas tea column in The Coweta Shopper

For those of you who live outside of Coweta County and have asked to read it, here is my latest column in The Coweta Shopper.

I hope you enjoy it!

Note: In case you're not familiar with the Issuu platform (and I am only because I'm a publications geek who has read a lot of things online), if you go to the bottom right of the image with the column, click on the icon that looks like four old-fashioned photo corners. That sends you to full screen in the "Issuu" platform, and then you click the similar icon (again at lower right) to exit.


  1. Thank you, I enjoyed reading it.

  2. I enjoyed your column. Thanks for sharing

  3. I must tell you, we need to travel 30+ minutes for me to find a craft store - Hobby Lobby or Michael's. As my husband let me out to shop, I realized there was a TJMaxx right next door. I promptly rushed to the back, looking through the tea towels. I had to dig but I found one set like the ones you have. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Once again you've written a fabulous article.

    Thanks for sharing. Makes me so proud to see you again in print. (hug) ♥♥♥


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