Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Disney teacup that's … a Disney teacup!

This year I made a lovely new friend through the local business community, and I soon learned that Lynn is a former staff member of the Disney Institute and a great fan of all things Disney. When we met up this week before she leaves town to go spend Christmas in … wait for it … Orlando, she surprised me with a wonderful new teacup she'd filled with homemade fudge!

Those of us who've been to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World, of course, will recognize that the teacup is a wonderful replica of the Mad Tea Party ride there. I love that you can even see the little indentation for the door where you enter the ride, and the "saucer," like the one on the ride itself, is attached. How cool is that?

What fun I had sipping Peppermint Bark tea out of my new Disney teacup and enjoying an afternoon snack of delicious homemade fudge (bourbon, peanut butter, and chocolate flavored). Oh, how delicious. And how wonderfully Disney!


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