Thursday, June 9, 2016

Some intriguing news in the new Upton Tea Quarterly …

I have often written about the intriguing cover stories appearing in the Upton Tea Quarterly, but this time, the most interesting news to me was something that appeared on page 3. (You can read the full issue for yourself by clicking here.)

If you've read this newsletter/catalog over the years, you may be aware that the Upton folks are fans of the patented Chatsford Strainer System in teapots. (Go here to see one in bone china.) Well, Upton got a license agreement with the London Teapot Company to use the strainer system, and so all they needed was to find a U.S. manufacturer of ceramics. They approached the Homer Laughlin China Company, which I did not realize was still in business, and that is who they've chosen to make their "20-ounce Chatsford teapot from Homer Laughlin." I want one! But they're not quite ready yet. Upton says that the samples they recently received were of "exceptional" quality, and later this year they'll be introducing three colors of these new teapots: red, white and blue. I'm not sure I have very many U.S.-made teapots in my house, so I'm quite excited to hear about an American teapot that will use a British strainer system. I'm thinking I will "need" a blue one. You?


  1. Very interesting! I will be watching for these.

  2. Well, apparently all your readers have clogged up the servers at the Upton Tea website. :-) I'll have to check tomorrow to see the teapot.

    1. Okay, that made me snort, but fortunately I had just swallowed my sip of tea! (Really!)

  3. How exciting for Upton. I would definitely want one. Thanks for the head's up. I know they are a good system and US made by Homer Laughlin, Wow!

  4. What great news! I can predict that a lot of these tea pots will be on many Christmas lists!

  5. OK, now I need to dig my copy out of the stack of magazines on my desk.


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