Saturday, June 25, 2016

My Country, 'Tis of Tea — Missouri

When I think of Missouri, I think of Silver Dollar City in Branson, a town I visited on vacation many years ago. So Missouri has an Ozark town that's famous for its many country music performers, but what else?

• One historic event I associate with Missouri is its hosting of the St. Louis World's Fair back in 1904. When I looked on the Library of Congress website, I found this image with the description: "Japan in America — pretty maids in garden before a Japanese tea-house, World's Fair, St. Louis, U.S.A." Did you know that these "world's fair" events are still going on? I thought they were a thing of the past until I looked here and saw that this year's is in Turkey. Who knew?

• When I wrote about my vintage tearoom postcards a couple of years ago, one of the ones I shared was this one from the McDonald Tea Room in Gallatin, Missouri. I had often seen black-and-white postcards of the tea room but never a color one. If you look at the unusual ceiling, you may realize that this tearoom actually began life as a hardware store! This very week, I came across an article about a newer Missouri tearoom in an intriguing space, and it is here. Cheers to Missouri for thinking outside the box with its tearooms!

• I have made a lot of recipes from old tearoom cookbooks over the years, and one of my all-time favorites (and one of the easiest!) comes from a tearoom in Missouri. It's this Quick 'n Easy Pecan Penuche (pronounced "pə-ˈnü-chē") from Barb's Country Tea Room and Yankee Peddlers in Osage Beach, Missouri (recipe is here). I may have to make some more of this fudge-like treat soon, because just thinking about it has me drooling!


  1. I always think of my mom when I hear of penuche candy. She loved it and made it every Christmas. I also love seeing the tearoom in a greenhouse, what a fun idea! Your Saturday posts always delight me.

  2. Transforming a greenhouse and a hardware store into tea rooms... they do think outside of the box in Missouri, don't they!

  3. Another state I have not yet visited - interesting tea rooms there. And I have not heard mention of a World's Fair in a long time, I'm glad to know they are still going on.

  4. Another informative Saturday. Love the repurposing of the hardware store.


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