Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Which is it: birdfeeder or terrarium?

Another of the Christmas gifts I received from my friend Susan this year was this lovely glass teapot that hangs from a rope. I thought it was a birdfeeder and tucked it away as something to look forward to using in the spring. (The sticker on the bottom says TJ Maxx, by the way, although I've never seen one of these there myself, because I would absolutely have bought it!)

But then I happened to receive a new Jackson and Perkins garden catalog in the mail, and they show some succulent gardens hanging from pieces that look a lot like my "birdfeeder."

So now I'm thinking maybe I have a teapot terrarium and not a birdfeeder, and maybe I need to transplant these succulents from this little teacup planter I've been neglecting. Any of you tea friends have experience with terrariums?


  1. You may be right! Sorry I have no helpful experience to share.

  2. Angela, I feel the glass teapot is too shallow for a bird feeder. It would be lovely with small succulents and maybe some of the succulents could droop down a little. I think I have seen some the kind that hang instead of going upwards, so you could have succulents going in several directions if you chose to hang it. You could use floral clay to anchor a ball of soil wrapped in green moss and plant the succulents in that so the soil would not show. A florist could show you how or someone in a craft store, or I would help you, if I was near. The floral clay comes in white and green colors that I know of so it would blend with green moss. You could also remove the rope and set it on a table or even put a pretty ribbon on the top. I cannot think of anything else to do with the lovely gift. Your gift if really cute and thoughtful. Nancy Carr

  3.'s whatever your little heart desires! At home with you, whatever you decide. Very cute!

  4. Be sure to share what you decide to do. Either will be cute.


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