Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sparkling Ice Teas from Talking Rain

"Sparkling Ice Tea." Does the word "sparkle" appeal to you as it does to me? It makes me think of shiny, twirling little girls in tutus. It makes me think of mirrors and gleaming glass and glitter and beautiful, glistening, pearlescent snow (which only my brethren and sistren in the northern part of the state are supposed to get this week, not that I'm bitter or anything). Anyway, my point is, I like the word "sparkle," so I had to bring home these "sparkling" teas I found at Kroger this week.

These drinks are made by a new-to-me company called Talking Rain. The nice thing about these fizzy drinks is that they have zero calories (they're sweetened with sucralose) and are naturally flavored with juice, tea, and natural flavors. I always try the peach flavor of anything because I love peaches. Peach-flavored drinks tend to fall into one of two camps: sugary or tart. This fell into the tart camp, which I prefer.

And to my surprise, I liked the raspberry flavor even better! These teas fizzed up nicely when I poured them over ice, and I think it would be fun to serve tea party guests a pretty goblet of sparkling tea to enjoy along with their hot tea. But what do you think? Would you try it if you were served some sparkling tea, or do you consider that a tea party abomination?


  1. Austin would like those. I'll look for them at our Kroger

  2. Sounds authentic. These would be an easy serving of tea during your party. Hope people will like it too.

  3. Raspberry Iced Tea (Lipton) is one of my favorites but hard to find. I'll definitely be looking for these at my local Kroger owned store. Thank you!


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