Thursday, January 7, 2016

My January 2016 Coweta Shopper column

As you can tell, "Downton Abbey" was already on my mind last week when I had the deadline for my monthly tea column in The Coweta Shopper, which was published yesterday. Here's a link to this month's column for those of you who've asked to read it but don't live locally. And thanks for reading, because I found out that two of my tea columns were among the Shopper's Top 10 online reads for the year, and some of you no doubt helped make that happen!


  1. Nice article. I held out on Downton Abbey watching and binge watched, also. I watched it Sunday night, but pre-ordered season 6 so I will own the entire series.

  2. Indeed, well done, Angela- well done - beautifully written article!

    You know for this past Sunday from 8-9pm, then the first episode of season 6, followed by another hour from 10-11 there were special blips and blurbs and a fund raising campaign for PBS....I watched it all, can never seem to get enough....but one thing they all seem to agree upon: they were all so surprised of its popularity! They seem to think it was all the intrigue and drama and characters. And yes, while that is indeed true.....I think they missed the REAL reason of its obsessive popularity! And you nailed it - I agree and have said many times since the beginning: the costumes, the props and the characters are amazing...but what makes it so obsessive is the propriety! The manners! The hard work, the non-complaining, the social graces....none - and I repeat- NONE of that seems to exist anymore. I think we're all really clammoring to be ladies and gents again, to live in a prettier, more proper and polite society.

    I am sick of cell phones and sweat pants and angry loud music and rudeness at every turn. I am more sick of gender obscurity than words can express nicely....I have felt since I was quite young that I don't feel comfortable in these days and times, and when I read Jane Austen, when I spend (man) hours watching things like Downton Abbey - it takes me where I truly want to be.

    Now I know it wasn't a nice time below stairs - I am not lying to myself - so when I DO fantasize I dream of indoor plumbing, nice hot showers, penicillin, and being UPSTAIRS, to name a few. But, well, it is the very best get-away I know of. I absolutely adore DA and glad you finally came aboard as well. Isn't it just the best indulgence of all time?

  3. And I tip my hat to you, and say "Well done". That was a very nice article.

  4. Wonderful article! You captured the true essence of DA. I'm so sad that this is the last season.

  5. Sad to know that this will be DA last season. Hope I won't miss this one. Great Post!


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