Monday, January 4, 2016

Let's discuss "Downton Abbey"


Well, friends, I had my "Downton Abbey" tea blends all lined up and ready to rumble yesterday, enjoying Mrs. Patmore's Pudding Tea beforehand, Butler's Pantry Blend during the show, and I decided to save my Downton Estate Blend for another day. So what did you think? I thought this first episode was simply terrific! I counted at least five or six tea scenes (there may have been more; I got too engrossed in the plot). Here are some thoughts:

• The back and forth between Carson and Mrs. Hughes over their marital expectations was so well done, wasn't it? Poor Mrs. Patmore, charged with the difficult task of mentioning the unmentionable to Carson. What great acting!

• Have we seen the last of Miss Bevan, Lady Mary's latest blackmailer? I thought that was a bit too easy, how she got paid off by Lord Grantham and went on her merry way. Hmmm … But I loved how the end of that scene was also used for Robert to, at long last, tell Mary of his confidence in her. Nice to see.

• No Branson? He MUST come back soon. I miss him.

• The hospital feud brewing between Isobel and Violet is delicious. Best Violet line of the night: "Does it ever get cold on the moral high ground?" Ha!

• Anna is cleared! Well, hallelujah! And wasn't it lovely that the whole household got to break out the champagne? But now can we please see Anna with child? Please?

• And my goodness, wasn't that an unexpected glimpse of character from Thomas? He's nice to the children and even gives them piggyback rides? Nasty old Thomas? I've got to rethink the man. I place a tremendous amount of stock in how people treat children.

But my favorite scenes were the the Carson/Mrs. Hughes/Mrs. Patmore scenes. I do hope that wedding date gets set soon, because my supply of Butler's Pantry Blend is dwindling.

Republic of Tea, by the way, has quite a few new Downton blends (and mugs) if you're interested. I'm intrigued by the sound of the Afternoon Garden Tea, a new herbal blend, and the Downton Abbey Legacy Tea, a plum pudding tea. Click here to check them out for yourself!

So did you watch? If so, what were your favorite scenes?


  1. My favorite was the Mrs. Hughes/Mr. Carson scene. So precious. And I had my tea, too. Delicious night.

  2. Oh, yes! I was definitely watching! The entire episode was wonderful, but I loved the tender ending with Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes. Can't wait for next Sunday night [not that I'm trying to wish my week away].

  3. I can only post a comment on your blog via my iPhone. Don't understand why that is the case. Austin posted a photo of Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Carson's "discussion" on his Instagram with the caption "I've never been shushed by my mom so much in my life."

  4. Loved episode one as well! Republic of tea was so smart to capitalize on Downton! I have to sip their teas during the show as well. Thomas and the children, was a relief from his usual evilness. The discussions about marriage and intimacy were handled so well. How other programs could learn from this!

  5. Well recapped...I had a cup of the Downton Christmas Joy tea while watching. It's nice to have it back. I know a few things about the season from British relatives, but....not sayin'!

  6. I loved this episode but I didn't have any tea while watching. A big loss for me! I love this show. Sorry it's the last season. I'm glad I didn't miss it. For some reason it happened without as much fanfare as usual, or did I just miss it? Glad it's back. Can't wait till next week.

  7. I may watch the whole thing on Netflix one day, but so far, I have not watched it. I know many people who really enjoy it, and I'm glad you do, too.

  8. Oh, it was bliss being back at DA! The worry of Mrs. Hugh's about the marital expectations was heart warming, my favourite part. Don't know if I can rethink Thomas, he's done too many things in the past.
    Now I can't wait for next week's episode!

  9. I think you're correct. I expect to see more of Miss Bevan. Perhaps she'll pay a visit at the other end - Lord Grantham, wasn't it? Can't remember names.

    Patsy in Nixa, Missouri

  10. I'm watching tonight (and I like to know what happens first)! Yay!

  11. I really enjoyed this season's premiere: so well written, the lavish sets, the Grand lifestyle, everything 'seemed' business as usual, or was it?

    I detected more 'mystery and hints of what's-to-come...' I like the points you brought up, Angela, thoroughly agree - Mary's scene with her dad (Father) was so good, I 'felt' her nervous energy when Carson met her in the driveway, telling Mary that a 'most odious (?) woman had come a-calling...'

    Mary asks: 'What did she seem to want? Where is she now?'

    When Carson says: 'She never left, she's still inside, she's with your Father...' uh-oh! Mary races inside - I felt my heart racing, too!

    The auction seemed to set the stage: Times are changing, Life as they know it is changing and through each person's interpretation, we get a glimpse of what's changing (I felt like I was 'eavesdropping,' at the auction!)

    Did you happen to see the PBS programs on 'British manners,' and 'the History of Highclere Castle (1300-year-old castle)?

    How can I leave out the Magnificent Dowager? (have I got her title right?) Wonderful scenes!

    One quick note: we love The Rose Bowl Parade, we recorded it - they had a Downton float, cast members on-board, replica of a 'period' automobile and a replica of the castle: it was gorgeous!

    Well, Angela - I love this show and I will miss it! I love your blog. too and I appreciate all your creative posts, beautiful photos and all your dedication and research, a very happy new year to you, 'Lady Angela!' Joanie


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