Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Easy Exotic Teapot

Glass teapots are nothing new, and I know many of us have owned them over the years. On Saturday, however, I visited an antique mall in Bremen and came across a new style of glass teapot that appealed to me because of the bright cobalt blue infuser and knob on the lid. When I removed the infuser and looked in the bottom of the teapot, I saw the words "Easy Exotic Padma Lakshmi." A little online searching revealed she is either a swimsuit model or a serious cook. Possibly both.

At any rate I liked her teapot, and for $12.50 it came home with me. I've got a clear glass mug that has a very similar style of infuser basket. The slits are pretty much the same, but in my tea mug there are not the large holes. I wondered, won't some of the tea leaves slip through? The answer is yes, a few of them will.

I must tell you that I was concerned when I added the boiling water and saw it sneaking up into the teapot's spout. Can you carry this to the table without spilling the tea? Again, the answer is yes, IF you are very careful!

The other discovery I made: once your tea is brewed and you remove the infuser, you'd best hold on to the lid while pouring your tea, as it will bang around mercilessly. Perhaps this is why the teapot ended up in an antique mall!


  1. Interesting find, I would have been tempted with the cobalt parts too.

  2. A fun and pretty find. Function and beauty aren't always combined! ;-)

  3. A cute teapot, even if it is not perfect! I have never seen a blue one. What can you expect from a swimsuit model?

  4. Well, I for one love it and would have bought it too. Right at home with the cobalt blue glass in my windows. Love it!

  5. Hello Angela,
    I think it is a great looking tea pot. I haven't seen one quite so stylish as yours. Even if function is not optimal, it will always look good : )

  6. It is very pretty and I have heard that name. I am actually looking for a pretty glass teapot. I need to get out and about. I want something taller for the flowering teas.

  7. What a pretty teapot - I would have bought it too!

    Funny enough, I have a little information I can share on Padma Lakshmi: she is one of the co-hosts of Bravo TV's reality cooking show, 'Top Chef.'

    I watch it from time to time - they go on location and bring in great chefs to help judge the cook offs. There's always 'twists' in the plot lines and of course, lots of competition and stress.

    Who knows? Your teapot may become a collectible, at some point. It sure has an interesting look.

  8. Great find! It is fun to find these "treasures", even with their little quirks.

  9. It is a very pretty looking teapot. Practical - maybe not so much. ☺

  10. I have a tea pot similar to this, except it's all clear. I like the cobalt blue infuser, especially, on your find! I don't have an issue with the lid once the infuser is removed. Interesting. :)


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