Thursday, December 5, 2013

Vintage Christmas tea and toast sets

In May of 2012, I was on my way home from a delightful meet-up with some tea friends in Asheville, N.C. when I stopped by the Lavonia Antique Mall. There I found a vintage Christmas sugar and creamer set for just $5. Recently, I came across that same set on eBay for $1,500 (!), which set me to thinking about other pieces that might be available. To my delight, I have now acquired four tea and toast sets in this iridescent pattern featuring red berries and holly leaves!

I collect tea and toast sets anyway, but I didn't have any in a Christmas pattern. These sets have no markings on them, but based on others I've seen they were apparently made by Ucagco in Japan. I've seen individual footed teacups and saucers (very reasonable) as well as dessert plates, assorted serving dishes and a pedestal plate. (There are also plenty of sugar and creamer sets like mine for under $10.)

I used to think I didn't care for iridescent teawares, but now I've learned it totally depends on the pattern (and my mood).

This is such a classic pattern, and I never tire of seeing holly and berry *anything* at Christmas.

Now, I'm just quite sure there must be a matching teapot out there, so maybe by next Christmas I can add that to the collection. And a final note to collectors who may have happened upon this post: I'd be quite willing to sell my sugar and creamer for the bargain price of just $1,000, so please feel free to ask. (Ha!)


  1. So pretty! Good luck finding the matching teapot, too.

  2. Lovely tea and toast sets for Christmas! If a teapot is out there in that pattern you'll surely find it!

  3. Very pretty!
    When you get the teapot and pull it all together it will be worth alot, oh maybe $5000? The search is the best part. Have fun!

  4. What a festive pattern on these. They would be great for a more casual tea attached to an activity like a crochet group or quilting class. Now you have me thinking!

  5. I found a lot of ways to do things like that but on the internet, i hope some day we can drink the tea virtualy and we can do it by a mobile apps

  6. Oh my - that's amazing. How beautiful too!

  7. What a wonderful find, Angela - so pretty - esp with that beautifu lum glazing - gorgeous.

    I love themed china sets! : - )
    But not for a thousand bucks, lordy lordy. Of course just because they're asking for that doesn't mean they'll GET it.......ebay's prices are so wacky sometimes! lol


  8. The china has a pretty pattern and I like the shimmer it has. Do you use your toast and tea sets Angela?


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