Thursday, December 12, 2013

Amelia's fun American Girl teatime menu!

Amelia was happily sipping her Green Tea at the American Girl Bistro in Alpharetta on Tuesday! When the server had asked what beverage she wanted (the choices included "kid stuff" like lemonade and hot chocolate), Amelia replied "hot tea," which of course warmed my heart! "Hmmm, sophisticated choice," the server said with a smile. From the teabag selection on the table Amelia selected Bigelow's Green Tea, and I had Tazo's Passion Herbal Infusion. We each got our own little white teapot of hot water.

Our tea tray arrived very quickly!

On the bottom tier, we had fruit kabobs, strawberry yogurt and petite blueberry muffins.

Next, the tea sandwiches! Turkey on a small pretzel roll, a miniature pig-in-a-blanket and a cucumber sandwich.

Surprisingly, the miniature pig-in-a-blanket (hot dog in a puff pastry shell) was my favorite, although I think my girlfriends might get the vapors if I served them hot dogs at teatime!

Here Amelia shows her cucumber sandwich.

And the sweets (photobombed by Amelia) included a chocolate mousse flowerpot (Amelia really did think it was dirt at first!), mini cupcakes and candy cane cookies. We were both so full we couldn't eat everything. I thought the $12 per person charge for this tea (including the beverage) was very reasonable, and I'm frankly amazed they aren't into price-gouging, considering the popularity of the American Girl dolls. Yet another thing to admire about this store and restaurant!

Each girl also gets a craft to complete or take home. I tried to assemble this gift box for Julie but decided my sister will have the pleasure of finishing this up!

The restaurant was all pink and pretty, and I'd love to go back for brunch or lunch sometime. I'm sure Amelia would be glad to join me, and I'm keeping on her good side, because she recently asked my sister if she (Amelia) will be driving me to stores and coloring my hair for me when she's older. (These are things my sister and I do for our Aunt Jane.) If Amelia is going to be responsible for driving me to T.J. Maxx in my golden years, you can bet I'm going to help create all the good will I can right now!


  1. Delightful lunch you two shared. Hmm, hot dogs for tea, no thanks!
    Guess I better work on the granddaughters (we have four) to look after my tea outings. Not sure about hair colouring when I see each of their nails painted a different colour.

  2. That is one smart little girl! And the tea you shared looks so sweet, and the price is indeed reasonable. Fun, fun, fun!

  3. I think Amelia is trying to get on your good side! Picking tea to drink. So you two have method in your madness. She needs a driver today and you tomorrow. What a lovely Christmas adventure. Loved the pigs in a blanket, yes vapors indeed!

  4. So glad you had a lovely tea! My son and I tried the tea at the American Girl doll store in the Mall of America. He put up with it because he likes tea foods, and particularly enjoyed the fruit kabobs.

    The pigs in a blanket are fun for Halloween. Our closest tea house does them as mummies!

  5. I am so glad you shared more of your day with Amelia. Her dress is as adorable as she is. The tea goodies look so yummy and the price was really good. Her comment about driving you when she gets older was so cute. Blessings

  6. Precious post in every way - I cannot stop smiling. The fun and love jumps right out for us, she is a gem, and you a gem as well.


    She asked for hot tea....I think I love her..........

  7. What a sweetheart of a niece! The teatime price sure is reasonable. I'm already planning a trip to an American Girl store. I've watched 4 YouTube videos touring the stores. Thank you for the great posts.

  8. How fun!
    I had something similar at a very nice tea, but it was a sausage roll. It was my favorite, so I know I would have liked that little hotdog.

  9. What a lovely tea adventure - and such a bargain price! You niece is adorable - love the photo bombed picture of the sweet tray. And I share your philosophy about creating good will with the younger generation in hopes that they return the favor in our golden years!

  10. What a perfect afternoon tea! Yes, well, we are hoping Austin will remember all the wonderful teas we have taken him to, and take care of us in our "old age."

  11. What a beautiful photo of you and Amelia. I love how the tea tray is so kid friendly, which is the goal. I've taken my older granddaughters to the American Girl Place in Chicago and want to take the younger ones. Thanks for sharing this wonderful outing with Amelia.

  12. I hadn't heard of the American Girl Bistro - your tea looked yummy. I'm sure Amelia had a wonderful time - nice photos.


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