Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A vintage Lipper & Mann Santa Claus tea set

For years now I have collected Santa Claus mugs, and while I've seen plenty of large Santa Claus pitchers over the years, I've never seen a vintage Santa Claus teapot until Saturday. I found this teapot, with a matching sugar and creamer, at a new (to me) antique mall in Carrollton.

As soon as I picked up the crackledy, crazed teapot I knew I wanted it, but the set had no price. I always hesitate to ask about unmarked items, figuring the price will instantly go up. "Play it cool" is my motto, so I asked the nice lady, "Do you happen to know the price on this Santa set?" She paused for a moment. "How about … five dollars?" "Sold!" I said, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically. I was very sorry to learn the antique mall is closing this week since I had just discovered it, but at least I found a treasured set for my collection of Santa mugs and associated pieces. I didn't decorate with them this year because they are mainly red and white and I am decorating with pale blue this year, but who knew I would find a set that would be suitable for both color palettes!

I was also happy to find original stickers on this set. The ones on the sugar and creamer are too faded to read, but the silver sticker on the teapot had just enough letters for me to figure out it said "Lipper and Mann Creations," which was a New York firm that started importing ceramics back in the forties.

Interestingly, I found the same set on eBay (for $45), only it had the traditional red hat instead of being all white with blue accents. But when I removed Santa's white hat, guess what? I see my set was originally red as well, though I must say I like it even better as it is today!


  1. Your angel sent you to that antique mall before it closes... she is still finding bargain Santa sets for your collection.

  2. How darling! Very fun and what a great price!

  3. The Santa teapot, creamer and sugar is so cute, and has your name written all over it! So happy you found it, and at a bargain price.

  4. You are still as good as ever at ferreting out good deals. Hard to remain calm and nonchalant, isn't it?

  5. I think you were meant to find this set! What a great price, and it goes with your decor, it is perfect for you.

  6. Love it and what a find.
    I like it the way it is too.
    Love Nancy's comment too.
    Merry Christmas for sure!

  7. Hello my friend, it has been a while! What a great find!!! Love, love, love that set. I have just begun collecting old santa mugs (2 so far) and must say I really like them.


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