Friday, July 26, 2013

Tea sightings in recent magazines

It's always fun to come across tea news when I'm reading a new magazine, and some recent issues have turned up several articles I thought you might want to know about! First, the always lovely Garden & Gun has in its June/July 2013 issue a fun feature on how to make Sweet Tea Granita. Now I'm not just a huge fun of ices (or even ice cream) myself, but if you are, this sounds quite easy to make. Go here to link to the article and recipe online.

And the July 22 issue of People magazine, of all things, shows the stars of a show called "Moonshiners" having tea at New York City's Lady Mendl's. How fun is that?

In that same July 22 issue, which you might can still snatch from your local hair salon, there are three recipes for David Segal's Iced Teas, including Mango Iced Tea, Spearmint Tea Mojito and Iced Tea Pop. (The recipes aren't up at yet, but perhaps they will be soon!) David Segal is cofounder of the DavidsTea stores (spelled just like that: DavidsTea), and I must say I'm a bit surprised I've never heard of him or his teas, perhaps because the stores are mainly in Canada and a few northern states in the U.S. I think I'd like to place an order from the DavidsTea website, though, so if you've tried these teas I'd love to get a recommendation!


  1. Davidstea has a can purchase the teas. Just enter Davidstea on Google...saw the pin on pinterest. Going back to the site to see what goodies he has.

  2. Hi Angela
    Most of my teas are from David's as there is a store up north where our oldest daughter lives. I go in and stock up when we visit or give her my order to bring down. They have a good selection and a few of their own blends.
    I believe you can order from the website for a $10 shipping fee. pumpkin chai is my favourite autumn tea (little orange pumpkins mixed in) and there is a rooibos blend with little red maple leaves in it.
    In the store many of the teas are seasonal but always available on the site.


    I haven't read any of those mags, but did try David's Tea and enjoyed it. The link above is to the blog post I did on this tea.

  4. We were in Montreal last weekend and stopped into a David's. The floral/fragrant smell that hits you when you walk in the door is pretty strong. I wondered if we had walked into a florist by mistake. I didn't get any teas, but had my eye on a custom David's Bodum tea/press travel mug in a glorious hot pink and stainless steel. Unfortunately it was out of my price range. So there it sat.

  5. This is the first I've heard of David's. Thanks for sharing the link - I am going to check it out.

  6. How fun to find tea sightings in regular magazines.

  7. The thing I am picturing after seeing the Moonshiner guys' photo drinking tea would be another photo of them pulling out a jug from under the table and lacing their tea with their special brew. I'm just saying, it could have happened!

  8. Love those country boys in the City! How fun is that! I've been lucky enough to have had tea at Lady Mendl's - such a special treat!


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