Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A most thoughtful Thanksgiving gift

Many times before I've shared how tea friend Lani in Hawaii has blessed me with an unexpected surprise in the mail. What arrived on my doorstep a few days ago is just so, so lovely, I thought you might enjoy hearing about it! First, there is a Susan Branch Thanksgiving card (love Susan Branch!) and a Hello Kitty advent card. Did you know there were advent cards? I did not!

Open this one and you'll find a tea tin sitting above the number 13, and look, there's my Thanksgiving turkey below the tea cabinet at number 15!

Hello Kitty is also represented on this miniature cup and saucer she sent, with the suggestion that I might superglue the two pieces together and use as an ornament on my tea-themed Christmas tree. Look for it, because I'll be doing exactly that!

That's not the only new ornament I'll have. I'm not sure how she managed to locate this adorable 2006 Madame Alexander "Christmas Tea" doll ornament, but oh, how I love this, and can't wait to hang it on my tree!

And Lani also sent this beautiful book from Karla Dornacher, "Give Thanks."

"My cup runneth over." Lani, you certainly made that come true for me!


  1. Your friend obviously knows you well, and sent some gifts that suit you very well. The gifts are treasures, but the best treasure of all is a deep friendship.

  2. How thoughtful of Lani. And your treasures are wonderful. Advent calendars are very old tradition and some on ebay are very expensive. I have a charlie Brown that is about 25+ years old. Love them.
    And the Madame Alexander ornament is to die for...I love(d) her dolls.
    You have a good friend in Hawaii.
    Enjoy your thanksgiving. I am thankful for your blog which is a bright and usually informative spot in my morning.

  3. Lani is such a thoughtful friend and has sent you nice items in the past as well as these nice things. I'm looking forward to seeing your tree this year with the new decorations on it.
    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving Angela.

  4. que lindas cosas pero la tarjeta y la taza hello kitty son hermosas yo soy fanatica de ella

  5. She is a generous, kind woman!

  6. What wonderful gifts! As they say, what goes around, comes around! You are so deserving!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. May your day be blessed!
    ~ Phyllis


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