Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A new chintz tea-for-one set

It's funny to me how we sometimes use the word "chintzy" to mean something (or someone) cheap, because when I got into chintzware I noted that chintz may have been "chintzy" when it was originally introduced, but chintzware prices are definitely not chintzy today! Lately I've been outbid on everything chintz I've tried to purchase on eBay, most recently a vintage teacup that went for around $50. I know it was a good "book price," but I'm just not paying it. Where I come from, that should buy at least five teacups! (Or, around 1,250 vintage handkerchiefs, if you shop like my parents do in yesterday's post.) Because I am so personally chintzy when it comes to collecting chintz, I was especially happy to get a Gracie Bone China chintz tea-for-one set as a birthday gift from my friend Beth this year!

Oh, I do love my chintz pieces. There's just not much that's prettier than china covered *entirely* in flowers!

And of course I'm always smitten with a pretty handle. Love these!

There's something a little luxurious, I find, about pausing to make a cup of tea with a tea-for-one set. Do you agree?



  1. Very pretty. Love the handle.

  2. I love your chintz set! What a beautiful tea set. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I adore this set, Beth was very thoughtful and knew you well to pass that along to you. Gorgeous.

    I have never used a tea for one set but I have used a small teapot that only holds a couple of cups often. It's my go-to daily favorite, not too expensive, and the perfect size - but that chintz one you have is so beautiful I may have to reconsider. It's still delicate - most of the tea for one sets are heavier.

    You are So right about chintz - it isn't chintzy is any way these days!

  4. Fun post! Love those handles, love that tea for one set!

  5. very pretty. it's nice to make tea special, even if it's just for ourselves.

  6. Your new chintz tea-for-one set is BEAUTIFUL! What a lovely birthday present, and the friend who gave it to you must be lovely too!

  7. Very pretty, the pot looks like it holds enough for a friend too.

  8. Love chintz ware and this one is beautiful, even the handle.

  9. That is a very pretty and nicely shaped chintz set.

  10. Beautiful detail on the roses.


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