Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tea Sandwich Saturday #51 - Oh, Christmas Tree!

A few weeks back when I made Christmas wreath-shaped tea sandwiches, I was pondering how to decorate them when a helpful reader sent me an e-mail and suggested sliced olives. Now how did I miss that! Yes, olives are perfect to serve as "ornaments" on a tea sandwich because they're the right color and the two-tone palette is already there. So this week's tea sandwiches are simply to show you some ideas for "decorating the tree" on your tea table!

You could use any spread you might have, or plain cream cheese, but I used some of the leftover Olive-Walnut dip from the office party the other day. A few slices of olives and voila, a nice little tree!

If you want a more classic look, you can top your tree sandwich with another slice of bread and line up three slices of olive. (Shamelessly stolen from my sister, who did this with her egg salad tea sandwiches last weekend!)

And last but not least, I liked this idea I saw in the Christmas issue of Tea Time magazine: use cucumber slices to decorate your tree!


  1. I like your Christmas tree shaped tea sandwiches - the olive ornaments are pretty. I can see so many options for decorating these - strips of colored peppers, capers, dill weed, pomegranite seeds, cheese stars, etc.

    This could be a fun lunch for my grandsons - thanks.

  2. I saw that recipe/photo in Tea Time, too -- I loved it! Your sandwiches look scrumptious! :)

  3. Great idea! I think diced pimentos would be fun ornaments & you could cut a very small star from cheese for the top.

    I so love your ideas & I really like how you use dips & spreads for tea sandwiches too.

  4. How cute! The cucumber is my favorite! Just perfect with some darjeeling! Love Tea Time!

  5. Really c
    ute and I bet very tasty.

  6. Hello Angela, love your sandwiches today!

    I thought of another 'decorating' suggestion:

    you could use a plastic 'traceable' outline and sprinkle say...(red) paprika or (green) parsley flakes or, if it were brownies, (white) confectioners sugar, onto a sleigh or tree outline.
    The possibilities are endless!
    Happy holidays, Joanie

  7. Your green Cremax plate is perfect for your sandwiches.

  8. What cute trees! I'll have to remember your decorating tips for the future.

  9. Hi Angela
    Using cookie cutters for sandwich shapes is one of the best tips I have learned from you.


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