Monday, December 19, 2011

Clearly, I needed some new plates ...

When planning for my Christmas tea party the other weekend, I originally hoped to set the table using six small, square and etched clear glass plates paired with six vintage Christmas teacups. The only kinks in this plan were that A) I didn't actually own any small, square and etched clear glass plates and B) I had only four Christmas teacup and saucer sets. So some of my tea and toast sets were called into duty for the tea, but I put etched glass plates on the Wish List. I found some on eBay, but the ones I liked were about $10 each plus shipping.

Over the weekend, my mom and I visited an antique mall in Rome where lots of vendors had discounts boothwide. I was nearing the end of my tour of the mall when, on a bottom shelf, I thought I spied some glass plates. Were they square? Yes indeed!

I did my usual trick of running my finger around the edge while looking away,
in order to feel any chips or nicks. None!

I loved the design, which a sticker identified as "copper wheel engraving." (Is that accurate, glass expert friends? I looked up a few glassware sites online but they weren't very helpful.) All I know is, the set of 6 was $18, which was a deal, but then I saw a sign that said 25 percent off, so I got them all for $13.50, which made me quite happy.

My only problem is, I'm running out of storage space, so I'm going to have to get rid of some things. Look for a few giveaways in the new year! (But not the new plates. They're keepers!)

And one final note: For a recent tea tasting I wrote about, I showed a chintz teacup a couple of you asked about. It's the one on the left, and it's actually a new set I found at Marshalls last Christmas for $6.99. It's marked "Bella Lux, Gracie Bone China," and it's a bit oversized, which I like when enjoying cups of Christmas tea!


  1. hi Angela! Those are lovely plates! i like the etched glass and square shape. Good find.

  2. Great find!
    I graduated from West Rome High. Might have to stop by Antique Mall on way to Chattanooga to see daughter sometime. Is it easy to find?

  3. What a wonderful find! Just fit the bill of what you were looking for! Must have been waiting for you!

  4. Very pretty. We sure don't find that good stuff where I live :(

  5. What a happy find! Don't you just love how things like this happen. My favorite set was found this way too.

    I'd like to see just one plate on a solid background so we can see the etching better. It looks beautiful.

  6. those plates are great - I use my clear ones all the time. The holiday tea cups are so great. BTW, I can not WAIT to give my mom Dainty Dining for Christmas...she is going to just love it!

  7. Lovely! You and your Mom find the best deals.

  8. What a lovely, lovely set! You will definitely get lots of use out of those.

    They have been wheel engraved. All cut glass is done that way. A craftsman sat and touched the glass to the spinning wheel to get the same pattern in the same place on every piece. Amazing! If your pieces are a bit newer, say, Depression Era, they may have had a hand held tool.

    Thank you for sharing about your chintz tea cup. It is surprises me to learn it is contemporary, and perhaps even more surprising that Marshall's had such an economical price.

    Shopping with Mom, awwww.

    It looks like you are on your way to a Very Merry Christmas!

  9. Your new square etched glass plates are lovely. I like the Christmas teacups too.

  10. I just love those new square plates. What a very special find.

  11. Hello Angela! So glad you were able to get the nice set of plates, they are lovely. I love mixing the clear glass plates in, they are a great addition to any event. You deserve a 'Super Shoppers Award!' Thanks for sharing & best of luck in your travels, Joanie


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