Monday, November 28, 2011

Teatime toys

If we're going to shop for toys anyway, I say why not look for some that promote teatime! Whether you have little girls on your shopping list of family and friends, or perhaps you're simply buying something for a local toy drive, looking for tea-themed toys can certainly make you feel like a kid again! Here are a few I've found so far this year. First, this little tin set from Marshalls reminds me of the old-fashioned ones that once were so popular.

This Disney Fairies Tea Party Activity Set came from Family Dollar and, I must confess, I was tempted to keep it for myself! I actually think I might enjoy coloring my own teapot and decorating it with stickers. But then a little girl would probably enjoy it more, right?

And finally, this set came from Walmart, and I thought the matching pink and lavender spoons made it a winner. Have you bought any teatime toy sets this year?


  1. Love tea toys -- there is just something about the wee teapots and teacups that bring a smile to your face!

  2. Last Christmas the two youngest granddaughters (7 and 8) received a miniature china tea set from us that came in a pretty box. They contained a teapot, cream and sugar as well as two cups and saucers.
    They both loved their gift and have played with them regularly.

  3. I love children's tea sets.

    I have one that belonged to my mother. Her uncle gave it to her in 1929 when she was three yrs old. It's in remarkable shape too, for giving it to such a young child. It's only missing two saucers that were broken or lost over the years. It still has 4 plates & cups, 2 saucers, creamer, sugar bowl with lid & the teapot with lid.

    I've never been able to find it listed anywhere & there are no markings on it. I'm sure it was a cheap tea set but it's very special to me. It's cream & cold with pretty pink & yellow flowers painted on it.

    My mom never allowed us to touch it at all. LOL Even as an adult, when I cared for her. She would stand over me when I cleaned her china cabinet & held her breath until it was all back in place. I really cherish it too.

  4. I especially like the tin set, how cute. These would be a wonderful gift to tuck into a toy barrel, especially since I really don't have any children to shop for. This is a great idea.

  5. I want all those toy tea sets !
    Never outgrew the tiny tea set phase !

  6. My niece Caroline (7) hosted tea parties for all of the Thanksgiving dinner guests. She set up an area in her room and served Ice Breakers and Cheerios (we were all full from turkey, so it was a perfect menu). We wore hats or feathers, and made popsicle crafts.
    She would love these tea toys!


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