Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tasting Teatulia teas

Recently I was offered the opportunity to sample some Teatulia teas, and of course I said yes, send 'em on! They arrived in this cylinder-shaped cardboard container, which was certainly fun to come across in my mailbox. I wouldn't have thought of mailing tea in one of these, but I will now!

Today I thought I'd report on the first three of the teas I tried. First, the Tulsi Infusion was a black tea that featured a nice woodsy scent. I was amazed that the instructions said to steep it for only 1-2 minutes, but the result was a very rich, earthy tasting tea which was very strong and yet not astringent. It was a nice combination, and since this was a plain black tea blend I was surprised I enjoyed it so very much!

This Earl of Bengal tea was an Earl Grey blend. Again, steep for only 1-2 minutes? Could that possibly be long enough? Yes, it was, and it was a nice brisk Earl Grey with very little astringency.

Finally, the Lemongrass flavor appealed to me just because it was so pretty sitting there in its little pouch! The refreshing citrus taste was nice too, and this herbal tea would make a great pre-bedtime drink since it's naturally caffeine-free. Teatulia teas are grown in Northern Bangladesh, and the Teatulia website tells about the interesting social programs sponsored by the company. I was impressed with both Teatulia and its teas! Have any of you tried Teatulia teas? If so, which flavors do you recommend?


  1. I have never tried those teas, but the citrus herbal one sounds like a tasty, before bed drink.

  2. I would love to try these!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Another tea company! So many these days, it's a testament to the winnning qualities of tea. :)

  4. I agree with Stephanie, so many tea companies are popping up. I have heard this name, but not tried their tea. Nice commentary!

  5. You have the neatest job, getting to sample teas! That lemongrass flavor must be divine.

  6. Thanks for bringing a new tea company to our attention.


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