Friday, November 18, 2011

Denver Dry Goods & the Dolls Tea Party

In my research of department store tea rooms, one of the lovely tidbits I learned was that some stores sponsored an annual tea party for children (presumably little girls) and their dolls. One of my recent online finds was this set of two tiny teacups and saucers, mementos of the Dolls Tea Party at Denver Dry Goods in Denver, Colorado.

Each teacup is about 1-1/4 inches high, and the saucer is 3-1/2 inches in diameter.

The backstamps of the teacups reveal these were made by Noritake in Japan. The top of the saucer says "In Remembrance of ..."

... and the rest of it says "The Dolls Tea Party, November 1927, Denver Dry Goods Company." I also have another set which came from a Dolls Tea Party at Emery, Bird, Thayer in Kansas City, and it is shown here.

Wouldn't it be great if these were still treats for little girls (and, ahem, some big girls too) today? Now that's what I would call a Happy Meal!


  1. What a neat remembrance for a child -- that's a darling tea cup! Lucky little girl.

    I read about the Emery Bird Thayer cup and saucer as well -- it was a HUGE department store in downtown Kansas City. Their tea room was terrific and a favorite place for a nosh when you spent the day shopping downtown.

    They tore it down in the early 70's and it's now a parking lot -- thankfully, some of the artifacts were saved and are at the EBT restaurant (which at lunch serves a chicken salad plate which reminds me of the chicken salad plate at the store).

    Email me for more information if you want.

  2. Aren't these darling! I love the little painted flowers on them. Very sweet! :)

  3. Aren't these absolutely charming! and how special that they were dated and must have been given to each child as a memento. You do have quite the eye for shopping.

  4. What a very lucky find and so pretty too.

  5. The flowers remind of something Mary Englebriet would paint.

    I have a little girls' tea set that was given to my mom in 1929 when she was three yrs old. I used to beg my mother to let me play with it when I was small & she would never allow it. Even as an adult when I cared for her, she hovered around her china cabinet & constantly cautioned me to be careful with it. LOL Now the china cabinet & tea set are in my kitchen. I don't have a little girl to have tea parties with but I still enjoy setting it out for parties.


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