Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vintage teapot pin designs

May I share some old jewelry with you today? I've been trying to catalog some of my tea-themed jewelry, and I just love seeing how very many ways there are to represent the idea of teatime! Most of the brooches I've got are about 1 inch to 1-1/2 inches tall, but they seem to pack a lot of design punch in that small space. This sterling silver marcasite pin with garnets is one I found on eBay a while back and have been wearing a lot this summer. If you watch the auctions, you can pick up one of these for under $10, including shipping!

This is another sterling brooch but with a completely different look because of the bright enameling. I like this one because of the dangling "T-E-A" charms.

And finally, this is "almost" a brooch. I was trying to buy it from a costume jewelry seller who discovered the pin back was missing after I paid for it, so she sent a refund and sent me the piece as a gift for free! Can you believe that? Now I just need to find someone who knows how to solder a pin back on a piece of old costume jewelry, which I've heard regular jewelers may not be willing to do. But whether it ever gets repaired or not, I do love this piece. I've seen a similar shelf style pin dated to 1948, and it's amazing to me that this jewelry designed to be worn for a single season and then thrown away is still alive and kicking today!


  1. Angela, all of your pins are lovely; I especially like the one with garnets, as it is my birthstone! If a jeweler will not restore your vintage pin, see if you have a local arts group with a craftsman who makes jewelry. Susan T.

  2. Angela, I just love old pins and I have to say that these are three really nice ones. I especially like the last one. I'll bet if you went to the craft store you could find something yourself to repair it, being that you are so creative.

  3. Looking at the piece missing the pin attachment, Angela, without repair, as a means of using it in the interim. . .would threading a thin chain through the teacup handles allow you to use it as a necklace? If you like that, I am certain that a jeweler would be willing to add small rings to the handles for you.

    Of course, then it would have to be reclassified as an ersatz pin-in-waiTEAng or whatever.

  4. All three of your tea-themed pins are nice. I'm drawn to the arTea looking one in the middle, since I love jewelry that matches my casual clothing style.

  5. I especially love that silver one with the garnets. Angela, you are really good at tracking down the good stuff!!

  6. I love your teapot pins and enjoyed seeing your collection.


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