Thursday, July 30, 2009

Signs of summer's end

In my town, school starts a week from tomorrow, and that is surely one of the signs that summer is slipping away. Another? I'm sipping what is probably going to be my last box of powdered tea drink mixes for the year, because those hot-hot-hot days seem to be behind us and I won't be drinking as much iced tea. This Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea, which is sweetened with Splenda, was a new one for me. I like the bottled Arizona teas I've tried, and I liked this drink mix as well. Not surprisingly, it has a very tart and fruity taste, which I enjoy as an occasional treat.

Another sign that summer is advancing? My husband's tomatoes are at long last turning red!

This is a huge deal at our house, where he has been tending these tomatoes for months now. He actually broke down and bought some at the grocery store the other day, but I am going to wait and have a tomato sandwich with the ones he grew as a fitting tribute to the end of summer!


  1. We have open house tonight at the boys new school and they start on Monday. Summer has flown by.

    The Pomegranate Green Tea sounds good (minus the Splenda). It certainly has a pretty color.

    Our neighbor has given us tomatoes from his garden twice. I've made salsa and okra with tomatoes, but the fresh tomato sandwiches were the best treat.

  2. Say it ain't so Angela.........not the end of Summer already.... there's still so much to do.
    Oh to have a nice ripe juicy fresh grown tomato on a nice soft piece of white bread with salt & pepper. And dripping with mayonnaise on the corners of your mouth as you take the first big drippy, juicy bite. Ooooh, my mouth is watering. (I'm headed to the fridge- no fresh grown ones though).

  3. A thick cut tomato sandwich, slathered with mayonnaise becomes a perfect peak moment paired with a nice cup of tea and a great movie!

    Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  4. I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but we just might get through this summer without really hot temps, except one week. Maybe not, too. I'm already seeing leaves starting to turn on the walnut trees.

  5. We are just starting to eat tomatoes from our garden. The are so good. Normally we don't have them until September, when school starts here; but the hot weather has encouraged them to ripen about a month early.

    I hope our really hot weather is over, but we usually get hot weather in late August and September.


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