Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spicy Chocolate Kusmi Tea

My friend Deberah was in Philadelphia with family last week, and despite what I know was an extraordinarily busy time for her she somehow managed to return with a gift for me: this beautiful tin of Spicy Chocolate Kusmi Tea! I was glad I had a mug infuser at work so I could have some for a morning treat, and just as I hoped, it was delicious.

Here's what it says on top of the tin: "Founded in 1867 in St. Petersburg, the tea house Kousmichoff has been carrying on the same activity to offer connoisseurs and gourmets subtle flavourings as well as the highest quality blends. Distributed all over the world, Kusmi Tea blends are well known for their pleasant tastes and the smoothness of their flavours."

It may have been founded in St. Petersburg, but the label says this tea is now made in France, which may account for the beautiful design of the tin. And on a cold, rainy and stormy Monday, a surprise chocolate tea treat was not a bad way to start the week!


  1. That spicy chocolate tea does sound good. What a lovely gift - a new tea to try.

    The only Kusmi Tea that I have tried was des Rois Mages (three kings) or Christmas Tea. What I remember most was the exquisite fragrance of this tea.

  2. I went to Kusmitea.com and chose the English version. It was in grams there and pricing was in Euros. Went to Wikipedia and there was a lot of history to be found. Then, Amazon.com was also selling it ( but I did not immediately find this variety )...



    found yours.

    It is nicely translated into $$'s (US dollars) and ounces. I did not check postage, nor do I know which works out best. . .directly from Kusmi in grams or translated to ounces.

    One thing is for sure! Those are really nice tins!

    They really DO have a nice overall selection! Glad you were able to have such a friend bring a gift that proved to timely and that you could brew it and have it. Some places in Georgia (USA) were not so fortunate yesterday!

  3. That sounds so delicious! The tin is really, really pretty.

  4. I've had a different variety of their tea...I can't recall the name, but it had cardamom in the blend and I loved it!

  5. What a lovely treat for your friend to bring you. Isn't it fun to try new teas, especially when they come with a pretty tin too.

  6. What a gorgeous tin and I just might enjoy that chocolate tea!! :) That is a very special gift.

  7. This tea came with the traveling tea party... oh my. It was incredible!!


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