Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Peeps Easter Tea Party

This is Matilda Peep.
This is Emma Peep.

* * *

Setting: A sunny garden in west Georgia

The occasion: Sisters Matilda and Emma Peep are having tea

The reason: Easter preparations

* * *

Matilda: I love this tea, Emma. What kind did you say it was again?

Emma: It's called "Chocolate Easter Egg Rooibos."

Matilda: Yummo, as Rachael Ray would say. I just love that show. Say, have you got a new Easter dress this year?

Emma: Well certainly I have. You don't think I'd let March go by without finding my dress, do you? Pass the sugar bowl, please.

Matilda: Aren't you supposed to be on that low sugar diet? And yes, there was that one time you wore the same old pink dress two years in a row.

Emma: This, from a woman who's still carrying a black pocketbook in April. And are you saying this outfit makes my butt look big?

Matilda: You're the one who was giving up sugar for Lent, not me. And Emma Peep, you know full well I can't begin using my new white pocketbook until Sunday. That would be tacky.

Emma: Speaking of tacky, where did you get that new hat?

Matilda: Excuse me?

Emma: You have to admit, it looks rather like there was an explosion at the ruffle factory, sister dear!

Matilda: Said the woman who thinks it's OK to wear beads on a hat before noon. Honestly, if the pastor falls into the altar flowers on Sunday morning, it's probably because he got blinded by all the bling on that hat.

Emma: You're just jealous that I found such a fashionable hat on my trip to Paris last month.

Matilda: Am not!

Emma: Are too! (Furiously, she pushes her teacup toward her sister, who is serving today.) More tea, PLEASE.

(SILENCE. The women sip tea for a few minutes without saying a word.)

Matilda: I'm sorry I made fun of your new hat, Sis. I'm sure it will be just lovely on Easter morning.

Emma: That's all right, dear. I'm sorry I made fun of your ruffles.

Matilda: Let's just let bygones be bygones. Let's not speak of this unpleasantness ever again.

Emma: No, never again! Not a Peep!



  1. Oh my goodness! What a clever and cute vignette - I love it! Thanks for sharing and making me smile...Happy Easter

  2. OK... those photos are just too cute! I particularly love Matilda Peep's Easter bonnet!
    Too clever!

  3. The Peeps are just TOO cute (just as Rosemary says!)

    Now about that handbag, I did notice the Queen (Ma'am) was carrying a small black handbag and wearing a pink dress that I had once seen before (that May have been her house dress...)

    However, when once she came to the United States to address the joint Houses of Congress (back in the 1990's), she was wearing pure peach!

    I can't much wear a hat without looking really weird...I am SO glad those little chicks can do it so well!


  4. Too cute! You are one talented lady Angela! Thanks for my morning entertainment.

  5. Those Peep sisters are too cute. It was fun seeing their finery and eavesdropping on their conversation. Love the photos, too. Hope I don't giggle when the pastor gets too close to the altar flowers on Sunday. Got to get that image out of my head - thanks a lot!

  6. That is the cutest thing ever and oh so Southern!! I almost wet my pants!! The funny thing is, as you are reading you can really see this conversation going on!!!! Angela, you have a fabulous imagination.

  7. Oh my gosh! That is just so clever and adorable!!!

  8. Hi Angela!
    Thanks for the morning laugh! ;) that's just adorable! So witty! Happy Easter to you!

  9. Too funny and adorable!

  10. Too cute!!! Pretty pink peeps!! tammyp

  11. This will be the best thing I read today, thank you!

    Peep, peep!

  12. You are too funny! I never would have thought of a Peeps tea party. I love Peeps and now I might just have to copy you for my Easter Tea Party on Sunday.

  13. Well, I think those two pink ladies are extremely fortunate to be enjoying their tea in such an elegant setting. Why, that lovely crocheted doily "tablecloth" should be photographed by "Good Peepkeeping Magazine" most defintely, and the darling tiny tea set too. (Not to mention the lovely ambience created by the pink flowered wallpaper in their tearoom.)Jeepers-Peepers! (I mean jeepers-creepers) those are two lucky chicks!

  14. Thanks for the smiles, Angela. I loved looking in on the "Peep" Sisters tea party. Just adorable!

  15. Dear Angela- Thank you for a lovely story! You are so clever - and a great photographer (and - dare I say "costume designer?") Once again, your site has brightened my day: Happy Easter to you & yours, Joanie


  17. That's hilarious! I started carrying my new white pocketbook yesterday. Oh, no! Which peep was right?

  18. Matilda is correctly using her black pocketbook until April 12. The old rule is "No white before Easter or after Labor Day." (But don't worry: Your secret is safe with me!) The day it snowed, I saw a woman walking downtown with two dainty little purses on her arm: one a pastel spring floral (not a tote bag, it was definitely a purse), the other black patent leather. I guess she figured she was bound to hit it right that way!

  19. I love it, love it love it! And I have to know, can we expect any more from the Peeps sisters in the future?

  20. Oh, golly, I certainly hadn't given any thought to a follow-up, but I'll try to hang on to a box of Peeps just in case! Thanks for your kind support!

  21. Those chicks are feisty! That was pretty adorable. Thanks for the fun!

  22. That is just the cutest thing I ever saw.

  23. This is SO cute! Love those Peeps!! Last year I found some darling stuffed ones for my great nephew - looked for them again this year for brand new grandson but alas the sweet little chickees had flown the coop - LOL! Thanks so much for sharing this sweet scene and dialog.

  24. THAT WAS HILARIOUS!! I love it!!!!


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