Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Tea Party Game

After a productive afternoon of shopping while on vacation last week, I got back and began unwrapping all my goodies to show DH. When I pulled out this Tea Party Game I found in an art supply store, he grinned and asked if I had gotten this as a gift for one of my nieces. "No, it's for me." (It says on the box it's "For Ages 5+" and I clearly qualify.) But alas, DH was not inclined to play, so I'll be taking this game on the road this weekend and hopefully my nieces will agree to play it with me.

As a child, I always liked games with those "spinner" boards. This one, in the shape of a teapot, is just too adorable. The game also comes with a real fabric tablecloth (child-sized). The general idea is to spin and collect all the pieces in a place setting, but you lose a piece of your place setting if you happen to land on the bees.

There are four cardboard sets of "china" and tea party foods, and happily each set of china has a different pattern, and even the foods are different. The sweets, for instance, include petits fours, chocolate cake, strawberries and a slice of fruit tart. (I would go for the petits fours.) Although of course I'm hoping the little girls in my life will want to play this during visits to my home, I'm also thinking this would be fun to play with some "big girls" as well at a future tea party. I know many of us have daughters, nieces and/or grandchildren we like to expose to teatime, so if you're interested, the game is made by eeBoo Corporation, and you can see it here. Now, if I can just figure out how to play it solitaire ...


  1. I have this game too. I "bought" it for my daughter at a museum store. We love to play it but then I put it back on my shelf not with the other games so it doesn't get wrecked. They have other cute games too you can get on Amazon, like a picnic one.

  2. That game is really cute. Too bad I don't have any little girls in the family, although my grandson did say he enjoyed his first tearoom visit last June.

  3. I am getting it--just in case Ihave any little visitors! I wish I could come and play it with you!

    Do you think my 12 year old son will humor me?

  4. i would like to have this for myself..and thanks for the tip!
    oh so sweet xo



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