Thursday, September 11, 2008

Right place, right time

For scheduling reasons, my husband and I aren't taking our big hunks of vacation time until the fall, so I've been using up some of my three weeks piecemeal. The magazine's schedule pretty much dictates when I can and can't take a day off, and yesterday afternoon was a fine one to take off, so I spent it with my friend Liz at her new shop in Senoia. I enjoy seeing the customers come in loving the store and chatting up the things they like (no tea, alas, although I'll certainly try to steer her in that direction!). But yesterday I was there when a lady stopped by who'd called Liz about possibly selling her some things to re-sell in the shop. And that's how I ended up coming home with some sterling silver sugar tongs.

I've never had a close friend open a new shop, so I don't really know the proper "etiquette" here when an in-the-shop transaction is underway. I didn't want to stick my nose in her business, so I just sat down at a table and read a magazine, trying not to eavesdrop. But then I heard the words "sugar tongs" and my ears perked up. I was *dying* to turn around and look, but I didn't. Then, bless her, I heard my friend politely say that although this was not the sort of thing she's carrying in her shop, "my friend Angela here might be interested." That's all the invitation I needed! I have only a few sugar tongs, all silverplated, and these before me were small and dainty and sterling, and just $15. The kind visitor, Barbara, formerly had an antique shop in Boston, and had other sugar tongs (including another set just like mine) and various glass and silver pieces I would love to have on my wish list over time. We swapped e-mail addresses, and I sure hope to hear she's opened a booth at one of the local antique malls.

The other thing I got from her was five sterling silver h'ors doeuvres picks. Can you not just SEE these bearing slices of strawberry, kiwi and grapes on a plate of tea foods? Of course I can have only four other guests, but that's fine. I think these are so pretty, and for just $10. Yesterday was definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time, don't you think? (And if any of you have ever used h'ors doeuvres picks in the course of serving tea, I'd sure love to hear your suggestions.)


  1. Hi there!
    I just (somehow) found your blog and LOVE it! I'm definitely going back through your old posts to read and learn!!

    Mrs. U

  2. I am not a purest when serving tea - I use anything for anything I want! Why couldn't you use the picks for lemon slices.

  3. More great finds! You lucky tea-lovin girl!

  4. You neglected to give your friend Liz a free ad by giving the name of her new store :)
    The silver hors d'oeuvres picks are adorable. I can't remember ever seeing those before.
    Since I do cater I can think of all kinds of foods tea or not. How about meatballs or marshmallows & fresh fruit for dipping in chocolate, mini spears for wraps, or even with miniature hamburgers to hold them together. Oh I could find a lot of uses for such cute little pick as those! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Angela, I don't know HOW you do it, but you most certainly were "in the right place at the right time" to be able to pick up those beautiful sterling sugar tongs and hors d'oeuvres picks for such a great price!


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